Why Sawyer Howitt Is The Man

In 2017, a new batch of world leaders remain on the horizon. Moreover, these leaders come equipped with a wealth of knowledge and immense talent. Aside from these leaders being in their youth, they possess wisdom well above their years. In fact, society could use leaders such as these. In addition, these leaders remain equally athletic as they are revolutionary. In particular, Sawyer Howitt remains the leader in reference. As a Portland, Oregon native, Sawyer Howitt knew at a young age that he was going to become someone special. Moreover, Howitt assumed such responsibility at a young age. Due to his abundance of accomplishments, the story of Sawyer Howitt remains noteworthy. Aside from still being a teenager, Sawyer has already lived an extraordinary life. In fact, his life seems fitting for a movie.

Currently, Sawyer Howitt works as the project manager of Meriwether Group. While there, he works around the clock to ensure that the company remains operating smoothly. Anyone who knows Sawyer Howitt knows that he comes from a successful family. Therefore, it should not remain a surprise where he gets his business acumen from. For those unaware, the Meriwether Group remains founded by his father. When not in the office working on spreadsheets, Sawyer remains in a classroom scoring good grades on his assignments. As a senior in high school, Sawyer remains readying himself for graduation. Although Howitt only has one year of school left, he remains fairly popular. This remains attributed to his role on the school’s racquetball team. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt leads his school’s racquetball team. Moreover, it appears as though he might make the professional league.

Upon graduating high school, Sawyer plans on attending Columbia University. While there, he plans on getting a degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. Moreover, Howitt has a thriving social life. During his free time, he likes to catch up with friends. Moreover, he also likes to help out his community. To expound further, Sawyer remains actively involved in his community by speaking to at-risk youth, providing positive feedback, and remaining a strong ally to the women’s rights movement.

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