Why Madison Street Capital Is A Winner

An investment banking firm should be good at making deals and achieving mergers. These things are, after all, how these companies have chosen how to make their livings. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not nice to be nominated for a major industry award. After all, no one understands the complexities of your profession better than your peers.

So Chicago-based international investment firm Madison Street Capital must be feeling pretty pleased these days. As chronicled in an August 29, 2016 article on benzinga.com, the company is one of the finalists for the fifteenth annual M&A Advisor Awards. Specifically, the company has been nominated for two categories; the International Boutique Banking Award, and the International And Industrials Deal Of The Year (for transactions under $100,000,000). Both nominations stem from Madison Street Capital’s facilitating Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna & Asociados. In making the nominations, M&A judges noted the complexities involved in this international transaction. Created in 1998 to serve as a center for breaking news and industry information exchange, the M&A Advisor now serves as a prime industry source of training and trading strategies. Its awards presentation is a a major annual event, and this year’s presentation will be held on November 9th.

And awards are not the only thing that this company accumulates. Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital focuses on mergers and acquisition, capital restructuring, reorganization, bankruptcy, buy outs, and private placement advisory services. It also offers clients a number of valuation services. While the company can and has assisted with larger transactions, it specializes in brokering deals with mid-level companies and clients. The company has branched out to include international banking and mergers and acquisitions, and now has multiple office locations in North America, Africa, and Asia. In addition to being a major awards nominee and successfully expanding its global banking presence, Madison Street Capital has had a very successful year with hedge funds. As with other investment companies internationally, Madison Street Capital saw a poor growth year for these funds in 2015. Despite this, the company still saw an increase of twenty-seven percent in volume over 2014, translating to forty-two closed or pending deals.

And in 2016, despite market struggles in some areas, hedge fund investing is predicted to be on the rise. Madison Street Capital strategists are currently or are preparing to help investors navigate acquisitions and consolidations with both traditional M&A techniques, and newer methods. These include seed investments, incubator deals, revenue sharing stakes, and private equity stakes or “bolt-ons” (i.e. adding a smaller, complimentary company to a larger “platform” one.) As a result of these gains in an internationally uncertain market, this company is poised to be a winner not only on the awards circuit, but for its clients’ portfolios as well.

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