Whitney Wolfe: The Bumble Surprise

Whitney Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. This is a dating app where women are in control. It is quite different than what most people are used too but fun. Wolfe’s vision for this dating site took off so fast and has over 28 million users worldwide.

So how did Whitney Wolfe get her start in the online dating industry? She started out as a founder of her rival Tinder. When she left due to creative differences, Bumble was created and it took off. There three different variations. There is Bumble, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. Bumble BFF was created to help women find friends to connect with, while Bumble Bizz is a professional network for people to learn about each other’s businesses and get services from one another. Also, women can find the right mentor or investor for their business to be successful. Another plus includes getting job hookup. People can swipe to see the jobs that they would like to have and can get with the person that’s hiring. This is an ideal way to get a job. What is unique about this, is that the profiles could be personal without mentioning the age and can still work for everyone.

All of this was done with a feminist view in mind. It is all about empowering women to control some things for a change. That is ok. We do not have to do it the man’s way all the time. It is not just that, Bumble provides safe atmosphere for women to date online. Other sites cannot seem to get rid of the men who tend to send unwanted advances nudity and obscene pictures. With Bumble, a woman decides who she wants to date and can cut off the communication with whoever is not her type. Nudity is not allowed, so women can get comfortable and enjoy themselves in the app. It is all about kindness and respect on dating app. This is a wonderful way to weed out the bad guys.

Bumble is definitely staying ahead of the game, thanks to Whitney Wolfe’s innovative approach to dating. With just left and right swipes, you can connect easily to profiles that match what you want. That is in all three of her services. Even Tinder cannot compete with that. So try Bumble right now, and check out what all the fuss is about.

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