Whitney Wolfe Expands Bumble

In the social media world there are a lot of apps that give people access to other people that are looking for a chance to connect with someone. There are dozens of different social media apps that encourage dating and friendship building. The market is filled with a lot of competition, and Whitney Wolfe was well aware of just how extensive the social media scene was for app users. She had a clue of what was going on before she invented Bumble because she had previously worked to bring Tinder to the market.

When Wolfe created Bumble she was focused on dating, but she also knew that there would be other sites that would focus on more things so she was aware that she needed to ramp up her social media presence. That is why she has created Bumble BFF. This is an extension of her Bumble dating app. It allows people to build platonic friendships. This is another aspect of Bumble that has unfolded, and it appears that there is also a chance for more people to discover Bumble this way.

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The great thing that Whitney Wolfe has done with this app is give herself an opportunity to actually expand by creating extensions of Bumble. Everyone may not be looking for a mate , but many people are looking for friends. With her Bumble BFF app she provides this. Others may be looking for a chance to network and gain better job opportunities. Whitney Wolfe knew that by creating a networking platform she could reach these people as well.

Whitney Wolfe knows that she will get people that are networking to utilize Bumble when they are ready to date. The same thing goes for people that may be dating right now. Whitney Wolfe wanted to cater to everyone.

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