WebRTC Now Makes It To The Talk Fusion Platform

Bob Reina has an impressive story that outlines the way he stumbled into the technology industry. It all began several years ago when Bob tried to attach a simple 10 second video clip to his email to send to some friends. Not having done it before he thought it was a very simple task to perform. Little did he know that this type of technology had not been invented yet. We had the ability to record video but we did not have the ability to distribute that video effectively over the world wide web using email. He quickly realized after speaking to his ISP that it had not been done yet and that someone needed to come up with a solution. This was the beginning of Talk Fusion. Probably one of the most used video communication platforms on the planet.

Bob Reina has assembled a team of some of the best people in the software development industry to make his applications easy to use and for any level of computer understanding and yet still get content rich ability out of the software. With the launch of their new WebRTC upgrade they can now access their high definition video recording tool directly through the browser which has also not been possible in recent years as this required a number of third party updates and plugins in order to get it to work.

WebRTC makes it a lot easier than than. Simply open the Video Newsletter or Video Chat application from the dock and navigate to the webcam record button and voila enjoy high definition recording that can be sent to all customer and clients. Never has the world of video marketing solutions been this easy thanks to the innovative browser based real time communication.

Bob promises his customers that the developers at Talk Fusion are not stagnant and are working tirelessly on the integration of this WebRTC technology into more of their applications. They have seen the benefits of it in practice and therefore it will definitely benefit the customer.