Understanding the Kennedy Accounts with Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is known as an investment guru who works at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the chief editor and has been holding the position from 2015. Also, he is the editor of a subscription service called Total Wealth Insider. This service provides investors with insight on how to invest on the right docket in the ever-transitioning industry. What Mr. Yastine does is using his wealth of knowledge to help investors navigate the market. Aside from that, he uses his experience in investing to assist prospective business professionals on how to choose a promising investment. View This Page to learn more.

Background Data

Moreover, Mr. Yastine is an avid contributor to Banyan’s two more publications; Winning Investor Daily in addition to Sovereign Investor Daily. The two releases offer insight on investment trends by explaining to the ordinary citizen their implications.

Describing Jeff Yastine

Mr. Yastine is known for amassing a wealth of knowledge in investment over the past years. Specifically, when he was a business journalist between 1994 and 2010, Mr. Yastine regularly interviewed high profile investors when he worked at PBS Nightly Business Report. Also as a respondent, he garnered a lot of information regarding financial investment and real estate crisis.


The most notable names Jeff Yastine rubbed shoulders with in his career as a business journalist are Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes as well as Michael Dell. For Yastine, the mentioned counters paved the way for a more excellent career that he would eventually be defined by. Having worked in the same field for many years, Mr. Yastine was now ready to explore other business opportunities. In 2007, he started writing on America’s poor infrastructure. From the story, he earned positive recognition in the business as well as a financial reporting category. It was an Emmy nomination that massively transformed his career for the better.

Kennedy Accounts

One of Yatine’s recent discoveries is The Kenney Accounts. He has researched on this topic because most investors he has rubbed shoulders with are curious about it. According to Yastine, The Kennedy Accounts are based on an original plan derived by President Kennedy. When he was creating the accounts, he had America’s growth in mind. President Kennedy founded this project when Americans were experiencing challenging economic situations. Consequently, accounts were created for funds to be deposited for future use. Of course, the project was successful as there were donations of several billions channeled to American companies. Conclusively, with these accounts, as Jeff Yastine explains, one can purchase direct stocks and generate income from specific enterprises. More information at https://stocktwits.com/jeffyastine