UKV PLC Offers Wine Investments with Numerous Benefits

In the ever-changing market, low volatile investments are few and far in between. Many believe they need to risk their fortune at the hands of the stock market. This is no longer true thanks to UKV PLC and their fabulous wine offerings. Now, individuals are capable of investing in fine wine that will pay healthy and tax-free gains in the future.

Investing in fine wine is a traditional practice that has been around for centuries. Investment-grade wine only increases in value. In fact, the longer an investor keeps their wine, the more money they will make in the future. It’s recommended that purchased wine investments be held for a minimum of five years before attempting to be sold.

 Tax-Free Capital Gains

You will not find another investment that you can sell without having to pay capital gains. Real estate and other investments require you to pay a portion of the increased value in taxes. Wine is considered by the tax professionals to be a decaying investment. This means that wine investors do not have to pay any taxes on the capital gains they receive from selling their wine collection.

 12 to 15 Percent ROIs

When you invest in a high-quality wine collection you can expect to receive in between 12 and 15 percent return on your investment. This is a pretty large gain. The beauty of this investment is the stability you will experience as the market is not volatile, like that of the stock market or precious metals.

You’re probably convinced that wine is right for you, but how do you go about starting your collection? Experts at UKV PLC specialize in acquiring, consulting, and selling the world’s best fine wines. These experts will help you decide on the right investment-grade wine to fit your investment size. UKV PLC even offers storage and insurance for your wine collection so you never have to worry about it. Instagram Photo.

UKV PLC acquires the most luxurious wine brands from Spain, Italy, and France vineyards. Their level of personal service is second to none. UKV PLC knows their wines and customers from around the globe seek their expertise in purchasing the best tasting wines for personal consumption and for creating private cellar collections.