Trabuco Bradesco’s Journey As An Entrepreneur

     Trabuco Bradesco is a leading business tycoon in Brazil. He is also known by the name Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. In the year 1998, Trabuco Bradesco was an extremely hard working man and had great skill in the professional field as a businessman. His professionalism and leadership had helped hip to get nominated for the position of Managing Director of Banco Bradesco and was successfully elected for the position. He was later promoted to the position of Executive Vice President of Bradesco Seguros. He further went public with the company which benefited him in the long run as he issued the shares of Bradesco in the New York Stock Exchange. Gradually with time, Trabuco had developed the company’s growth to be one of the leading investment and financing companies of Brazil. In 2009 Trabuco became the fourth one to stand as the bank’s president since the founder’s death. With over 40 years of experience, Trabuco became the most successful influential individual of the country. He was featured in the Isto Magazine as Entrepreneur of the Year of the finance section of the industry.

Over the years he was honoured with several business awards for his brilliance. He was awarded as the leader of the business sector and also made into the list of top CEOs of Brazil. Trabuco Bradesco had completed his graduation and also a further post-graduations degree. He has entered into several business ventures and mergers in his career of a leading businessman. Right now he is in the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors on Banco Bradesco.

Trabuco Bradesco had to enter into his career life at a very early age of 17 as a clerk in Banco Bradesco. He was merely a teenager back then. However with years of experience he has now grown to be a successful entrepreneur For 15 years of his life he served Banco Bradesco consistently when finally he took the charge and responsibilities of the marketing department of Banco Bradesco. He was finally elected the CEO of the Bradesco Vida a private company which generally focuses on pension schemes.