Todd Levine: How Arts Help Him Win His Cases

Todd Levine is a highly experienced litigator that has a wide-array of skills and expertise – above all of this he is mainly a well-versed litigator in the field of commercial litigation. Todd Levine mainly handles every type of complicated and complex business disputes. He also focused on commercial real estate litigation and handles the cases of developers, lending institutes, real estate brokers and investors – that can have internal or external disputes then they are handling real estate transactions.



His prowess in litigation was only reinforced his prowess in litigation in one of his trials that, for a moment, seemed to be in a losing state. His counterpart suddenly brought out a certain document that was meant to attack his case and weaken his defenses – but Todd Levine was a person with quick reflexes and can think of ways to get through needle holes in an instant and Todd Levine didn’t take one minute in devising his counter-attack. Todd did not even look at the document for 5 minutes, and he has already seen an opening in the counterpart’s attack and has declared his counterattack. Levine has turned the tides to his favor in no more than a moment – this is a testament to his skill and his quick-wittedness as a litigator. This is something that future litigators aspire to be and his cases are to be studied for strategies.



In whatever area that Todd Levine is handling or is involved in, he is certain to use all of his analytical skills that is paired with his out of the box and creative mind to carve a path that is strategic and keen that holds a high probability of being overlooked by other litigators. His passion for other things that does not directly involve litigation like music and the arts help him devise these creative and unique plans.