Thousands Tune In To Shervin Pishevar Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar sent out a large number of tweets recently. The tweet storm included a total of 50 tweets, all hopefully numbered, Across a 21 hour period.

Shervin Pishevar himself has over 90,000 followers. Additionally, many of the tweets were shared dozens if not hundreds of times. His tweets have since been picked up by a number of business blogs as well due to the information contained in them.


What did the tweets say?

The tweets produced by Shervin Pishevar covered everything from the power held by US monopolies to the way the Dow Jones will likely be impacted by the market losing thousands of points in the next several months.

While these are just observations from one person, it held a significant amount of content. It is getting a lot of individuals and businesses to second-guess their decisions as well as creating a call to action for people to think in long-term standards.


Why does anyone care?

Shervin Pishevar is not only the founder of The Investment firm but also an early investor in a large number of tech companies. He has proven that he has the uncanny ability to spot trends before the masses.

Throughout his tweets, He identified his thoughts on a variety of trends as he saw them, including the rise and fall of bitcoin as well as the market losing 6000 points. Within 24 hours of the tweets going out, the market already started to wobble as if in reaction to what Shervin had to say. Read This Article to learn more.

The tweets are easily accessible from his Twitter profile, with number one being pinned to the top for all to read. With a total of 50 tweets, there’s a lot of information. Plus, many blogs have decided to share their own insight, using the tweets as their basis.


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