The Technology Change Classrooms Want to See

Rapid and upcoming technology continuously makes learning in the classroom invigorating and exciting. Students, teachers, and parents alike, love to be engaged in new and upcoming innovations, especially ones that can successfully be used to create a stimulating educational experience. In the 21st century, technology is revamping the way children are learning, and in schools it is become one of the easiest ways for teachers and parents to stay connected.

ClassDoJo is a new classroom-learning platform that many teachers are falling in love with. Effectively being used in 2 in 3 schools or in 1 out of 2 classrooms, it is interactive and is drawing in the attention of a large age group of scholars. ClassDojo is a program that allows a teacher to reward students for their active participation in the classroom and incentivizes a student through constant monitoring when they are on the right track. For the students, the first step to drawing them in, is the creation of their own avatar. For many students, this interactive piece is extremely exciting because many students are enticed by the hands on technology approach. Right from the start, a teacher is able to let a student know when they have worked on a lesson correctly within the classroom by awarding points to the designated avatar. A teacher has the option to either publicly display the avatars for the classroom to see, or the students can just hear the chimes throughout the class period. A teacher is able to immediately notify a parent of the great things his/her child is doing in the classroom by sending a quick email or picture.

The Class Dojo program is growing one step further as it adopts the “growth mindset” framework. With this mindset, ClassDojo is trying to teach children that intelligence and an individual’s most basic abilities are not something that they are merely born with, but they are skills that they are able to work on over a period of time. The program has worked to include 5 animated clips, 4 of which are accompanied by a discussion guide, to help aide in the comprehension of what “growth mindset” truly is and what it means for the students in the classroom. In any positive learning environment, its not just about hard work, dedication and a learning process will yield the results that need to be seen.


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