The Success of Rocketship Education is Due to the Involvement of Parents and Communities

Rocketship Education is an organization that serves low-income students in the public school system through its affiliated charter schools. As a system that began in California, these schools have now grown to include affiliates in the states of Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington D.C. This program was founded on the premise that every student has the right to unlock their learning potential. The Rocketship Education program incorporates personalized learning with parental interaction in an unprecedented manner that has delivered amazing results.

The success the Rocketship charter schools have had in changing the course of student’s lives can be seen in the opportunities available for students in the San Jose area. As one of the first regions to welcome the Rocketship program, the futures of those first students looks much brighter. Many of these low-income children have not just been able to graduate from high school, but they have also been able to enroll in and attend a four-year college. In many instances these students are the first from their families to ever attend a school of higher learning.

The success the Rocketship program has had in helping students attain their educational goals is due to the unique way it approaches education within low-income communities. This network of schools not only encourages parental participation, but also strives to get communities involved in making the type of changes that will benefit their children. This type of purpose was recently seen when a group of parents and community members from Tennessee demanded to have quality education through the establishment of charter schools rather than through regulated zoned public schools.

The educators hired to work within the Rocketship network of charter schools support the program’s standards of authenticity, innovation, community and excellence. This can be seen in the interaction parents had with the hiring process for charter schools in the D.C. area. Parents have the ability to interview potential candidates for their schools to provide feedback to administrators. Although a teacher might have all the necessary qualifications, they could be passed over if parents do not feel they are in alignment with the values of the Rocketship Education program.