The success of Green Structure Home under Barbara Stoke

Barbara J. Stoke graduated from Mercer University in 2001. She studied courses in biomedical engineering, construction material, and professional communication, and excelled in these courses though they are usually regarded as males courses.

Stokes is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Green Structure Home, Inc. The firm deals with disaster response and its head office is in Alabama. The company is well-known for assisting communities and individuals whose life has been affected by the weather-related occurrences. To reduce the implication after a tragedy has happened, Green Structure Homes has come up with advanced ways of renovating structures to suit residential clients, Business and government buildings. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Green Structure home uses particular construction solutions for engineering, crafting and manufacturing first-hand dwellings and structures that enable to resettle community after a calamity. Barbara Stokes has a notable career experience that has enriched her professional capabilities, having worked for the Boeing Corporation and the Pisces Corporation. Barbara uses her extensive expertise in government contracting, which she employs when collaborating with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and all other disaster response mission funded by the U.S government.

The life of Barbara away from GSH

Barbara says that the most crucial aspect of her life is having three kids and undertaking response mission in the Huntsville society. This volunteering mission has occupied most of her schedules. Green Structure Homes was funded with $ 28 million in the form of linked building contract on September 2017, to commence the construction of structures after the post-Hurricane Harvey’s Texas Devastation.

Under the stewardship of Barbara Stokes, GSH has successfully built flexible houses that are primarily designed to withstand Hurricane winds. The Green Structure Homes are also made from materials that cannot be destroyed by pest, Mildew, or mold. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The success of GSH

During an interview with IdeaMensch, Barbara Stokes revealed that she loves the notion of medical appraisals since it meritoriously syndicates her interest with a more procedural ground. She says that her technical knowledge and understanding, nurtured through her medical professions, have enabled her to execute her mandate at Green Structure Home successfully. The most important thing is that she had the passion for helping the community and positively impacting individuals lives. Barbara also notes that GSH is privileged to have a capable engineering and design team. She carefully monitors their activities to make sure that ideas are actualized.