The Success Of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a reputable medical doctor and serial entrepreneur who operates various business ventures and his medical practice here in the United States of America. Mr. McKenna is arguably most well-known for creating OVME – its name is pronounced as “of me” – a popular health service retailer where all services offered focus on the looks – the aesthetics – of customers.

Rather than actually selling products, as virtually all retailers do, Dr. Mark McKenna’s OVME connects prospective patients hoping to make themselves look better with certified, reputable, licensed healthcare providers across the United States. OVME operates via a mobile platform that connects consumers directly with healthcare providers best suited to their individual needs.

How did Dr. Mark McKenna start his career in medicine?

Dr. Mark McKenna gravitated towards healthcare as a potential occupation since his early childhood. After earning a bachelor’s degree in a field related to science, Dr. Mark McKenna attended Tulane University’s Medical School, netting both a medical doctorate and master’s of business administration, a pair of degrees that unarguably properly prepared Dr. McKenna for his soon-to-be budding career in both practicing medicine and selling related products and services.

Mark McKenna’s father is also a physician. After graduating from Tulane University Medical School, he found employment with his father at his long-standing medical practice. Unlike many other newfound doctors, the younger McKenna created McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development firm that was funded by his substantial profits from the practice of medicine.

Mark McKenna unarguably thrived in business and caring for trusting patients

Over the next few years, Mark McKenna created two other companies: Universal Mortgage Lending, a business that – as its name implies – makes sizable loans to prospective homeowners; and Uptown Title, Inc., a cash advance, title loan, check cashing, and general consumer financial services provider.

McKenna’s sharp business skills collectively resulted in the three companies employing more than 50 employees. The trio of companies was able to finance the construction of buyers’ homes, as well as close real estate deals through Uptown Title.