The Mighty Fortress Church Opens its Doors to All

The Mighty Fortress Church is a house of respite from the outside world and Dr. Thomas R. Williams encourages all to come. At The Mighty Fortress Church, worshippers and visitors will feel the presence of God and will gain blessings and guidance as they listen to the Word of God. Dr. Williams is not providing a show or entertainment, but rather he is providing a safe place to worship the Lord and to gain a strong testimony and to strengthen your testimony. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

Dr. Williams believes that there are many miracles and revelations and even miracles that will happen when people gather to worship and praise the Lord. He also believes that God wants to speak to each and every one of us and he knows our individual situations but in order to receive His blessings we need to be open to and willing to accept His help. Great things can and will happen if we just believe in him and focus on Him.

We could all use more support and a break from all the stress and distractions of the world. The Mighty Fortress Church is a place of peace and a place to receive the guidance of the Lord. It can help visitors to find themselves and to gain a clear direction of their purpose and direction as well.

Pastor Williams would like to see the expansion of The Mighty Fortress Church and encourages all to pray for a new church that will be worthy enough of its visitors. He wants to=he prayers of all who can support the expansion of the church throughout the world. He wants the whole world to have the great opportunity to hear the Word of God and believes that there are many more miracles to behold. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

If we do the things that will get us closer to God such as reading the scriptures and regular church attendance, then we will become much more receptive to the blessings that He wants us to have. It is never too late to attend church, and The Mighty Fortress Church will be there when you come.