The Life Of Roseann Bennett

Meet Roseann Bennett of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Bennett is a therapist who handles marital and family issues across New Jersey. Bennett guides the young adults in leading a good life together with their families. Bennett qualifies in treating and case and crisis management. Initially, Bennett manages people from all corners of experience in the comfort of her home. After some years, she decided to relocate to New Jersey. The individual is a co-owner of CAT, a non-profit New Jersey-based mental healthcare agency. Additionally, she holds a leading position in the New Jersey Association meant for family and individual therapy. The treatment center supports the lives of the marginalized families and individuals of all kind.


Center for Assessment and Treatment handles problems whether internal or external, terrific and frequent, and within the control or beyond. The institution began its operation in 2010. As an overall executive director of CAT, Roseann Bennett directs and coordinates all activities and programs of the institution. Therefore, she comes up with meaningful programs that can be of interest to the population served by the group. Roseann Bennett is responsible for the budget of the organization and takes charge of fund allocation. The core course for Bennett in the institution is to direct, supervise, create workers motivational programs, provide internship to students, and evaluate all workers in the organization. Primarily, Bennett maintains her position as a clinical officer in the agency. The individual purposes to create a stronger connectivity with the community. Her stand on the current and future of therapy was discussed when Bennet Talks About Mental Health in the celebration of Mental Health Awareness month.


Working in the agency requires much of her attention and commitment. Therefore, the challenge comes in when wanting to balance work responsibilities and her demand as a mother and wife. With time Roseann Bennett could handle her life duties more comfortably. Bennett loves spending much of her free time (self-care time, sleeping time, and personal time) to serve the society. As a therapist, she uses her life experience to teach others on how to work as well as managing their family life successfully. Visit This Page for related information.


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