The Lawyer with a Heart for the City’s Animals

Every city has a number of stray animals. Those lost dogs or cats, which wander in the streets, sleep in alleys and under park benches, and eat from dumpsters. New York City, in this case is no different and has its share of them. Some of the animals may have been abandoned due to financial matters, sudden illnesses and allergies, or they simply got lost after they wandered off.

In most cases, animal shelters take the animals, but they may be too crowded and lack enough money to care for the animals. This factors stop the shelters from taking on any more animals, as their resources will be stretched thin. Winters in New York are generally very cold, with the temperatures dropping very low. For the animals without shelter, they may end up getting sick and even die, due to exposure to the cold.

In light of this, Ross Abelow, a New York City lawyer, has chosen to spearhead a campaign to raise $5000. The go fund me campaign, was launched on January 7th, this year. The money raised will be given to animal shelters that are in need of financial help, in order to provide proper care and extra space for the animals. It will then be used to buy the blankets, medicines and food needed for the growing number of homeless animals.

Animal lovers can also take on some of the responsibility. They can take in some of the homeless animals, and help to keep them out of the cold. Any additional funds from the campaign, will be directed towards helping these poor animals, by making them more comfortable. The overall aim of the campaign is to prevent any animal deaths, and to enable the shelters to take in more of them.

A Quick Look at Mr. Abelow

Ross Martin Abelow is a New York City attorney with the law firm, Abelow and Cassandro Llp. He graduated from the State University of New York, Albany, with a law degree. He specializes in matrimonial law, commercial law, family law and entertainment law.

Mr. Abelow seems to have a soft spot for animals, and has spearheaded a campaign to raise money, that will go to animal shelters. He is active on social media especially Facebook and Mashable, and writes for legal blogs as well as for his personal blog. He also has a page where you can tweet or comment on his campaign, as well as leave a donation.

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