The Human Rights Foundation Keeps Human Rights Issues In The Media

The Human Rights Foundation is an organization founded by Thor Halvorssen that tries to make the human rights abuses around the world public knowledge. Human society has gone on for centuries without all the necessary information about world events, and the Human Rights Foundation brings that information to light every day. Thor Halvorssen is a fine public speaker who works with the media to help the public understand what is going on in the world today, and this article explains how the Human Rights Foundation shares information with the world.

#1: The HRF Keeps Celebrities In Check

There are many celebrities who are ill-informed about world events, and the HRF sends communications to celebrities who seem to be working with countries that have committed human rights abuses in the past. Nicki Minaj was sent a letter prior to her concert event in Agnola detailing all the abuses committed by the Dos Santos family, and Thor routinely works with celebrities who want to lend their voices to the cause.

#2: The HRF Works Around The World

The HRF has set up offices around the world that are helping deal with human rights violations in their immediate area. Thor has recruited people across the globe to help with the cause, and he continues to manage these workers in their campaigns. The HRF is quite involved in what is happening in the world today, and Thor prefers to have people on the ground who are collecting information for the foundation.

#3: Thor Works With World Leaders Every Day

World leaders have held audiences with Thor Halvorssen to ensure that their countries are abiding by world rules concerning human rights. There are many people around the world who live in countries that must make changes for their futures, and Thor brings in people to help every country set policies that protect the rights of every citizen. Thor is concerned about the little people who cannot protect themselves, and he is not afraid to face a world leader with a poor human rights record.

The Human Rights Foundation is deeply-involved in fighting human rights violations around the world. The foundation has set up offices that have workers collecting information about human rights policies, and Thor Halvorssen is the leader who speaks about human rights to the press. Thor does not allow any human rights abuse to go unnoticed, and he keeps the public informed about violations that are happening today.