The Great White North Falls

Gregory James Aziz is widely acknowledged as the man who fully turned around National Steel Car. This Canadian company owes its 100 year existence to the wise practices of this great man.


Everyone who knew Greg James Aziz knew that he was a business prodigy. Beginning at his time at Western University, professors noticed that he was a sponge for business lessons. He just seemed to have a knack for how business operated and he use that to his advantage. He excelled at the case studies provided and each one of them knew that one day he would be a chief executive officer.


Gregory James Aziz would prove their ideas about him true when he sat down in the executive office of National Steel Car. Operating as their CEO, he completely turned the company around.


Gregory James Aziz understood that the world was changing at a fast pace. National Steel Car was clearly not keeping up with the pace of this change in very soon it would be over ran by the competition. Greg James Aziz refused to let this happen to this once great company.


Greg James Aziz brought his lessons in business to the company and began to teach how to think more efficiently and creatively. He implemented the Japanese idea of kaizen. Kaizen is the idea that we can improve a company by leaps and bounds by slowly implementing change at a small level. These small investments of change quickly add up to make a company great. Get Additional Information Here.


In just a few years, National Steel Car not only exceeded its competition in market share but it began to create railcars that only it had the capacity to make.


Creating new railcars was an absolute game changer for the industry. Before now, the industry required that if you wanted your goods transported you needed to hire a separate transport company. National Steel Car changed this by creating railcars that you could purchase for your own needs. This awarded them several contracts that were worth more than $1 billion.


During his time there, Gregory James Aziz was able to increase the value of the company by $6 billion. This made many people rich in the process.


Gregory James Aziz has recently stepped down from his role as CEO. A celebration was held in his honor were everybody regaled one another with stories of his greatness. However, the company will continue growing.