The Economic Crisis In Brazil Explained By Infrastructure Expert Felipe Montoro Jens

Recently, a report published by The National Confederation of Industry (NCI) was highlighted by Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure projects expert. The reports stated that 2,796 identified major projects in Brazil have halted. Around 18.5% of the halted projects are related to infrastructure development and has cost the government a whopping $10.7 billion. The National Confederation of Industry came into existence in the year 1938, is the supreme body of the trade union system. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

There are 517 affected projects, out of which a staggering 447 projects based on sanitation were affected drastically. The remaining projects are mostly large-scale and include plans for 16 airports, 30 major highways, 16 international airports, and 5 railways development projects.

The sad state of the country even brought cheaper projects like educational institutions and sports facilities to a halt. The causes such as abandonment, issues with land ownership, financial budget and skilled labor reflected the economic situation of the country. Poor planning and pause of funding have led to the current scenario that needs to be amended to prevent any more damage.

Large-scale projects have been shut down by the government for reducing cost overheads that would lead to the balancing of the economy gradually. The government and experts are devising plans to implement the use of technology combined with innovation that would increase efficiency with a reduction in government expenditure. The government is planning to introduce reforms in the country that will estimate adequate modality, train individuals with proper gear and shaping up balanced contracts.

Felipe Montoro Jens also highlighted that the National Confederation Industry looks after the interests of the industries in Brazil. They act after consultation with the Legislative as well as the Judiciary division. With the bills passed, the government is optimistic in gradually ending the long tenure of the financial crisis in the country. Visit: