The corporate presesnce of Desiree Perez

Of all the industries, the corporate sect of the entertainment industry is one of the most difficult for women to crack. Very few are able to handle the unique strain of industry, and even fewer able to conquer it as fiercely as Desiree Perez. Perez is known by all the music industry insiders as someone who can get the job done. Her demanding nature ensures that whatever client she represents is propelled to the next level. Some examples of her work are the success for Rihanna when she convinced Samsung to promote her Anti tour. The company contributed millions of dollars, not only ensuring the success of the concert but elevating Rihanna’s status as an entertainer. Perez is Also Jay-Z’s secret weapon, whenever he undergoes serious negotiations he makes sure to have her fighting for him.

It is his need for her guidance and expertise that he made her the Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation, a title which she has held for nearly a decade. In this role, Perez has met with Sir Lucian Grainge, a representative of Universal Music. In that meeting, they discussed the future of their partnership and avoided an old agreement expiring without renewal. Her success these negotiations set a course of success for the company’s future which will benefit every employee. She also was a significant force in negotiations between ROC Nation and live nation in 2008. While these aren’t the only accomplishments in this role they are some of the most noteworthy. She is also a member of a collective referred to as the Hova Circle. This circle is a collection of influential people in the music industry. The group is selective in who it adds and it boasts very promenade members such as Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, and Ty Ty Smith.

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