The Cleveland Economy and Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a Cleveland, Ohio real estate professional and she thoroughly enjoys her work. Starting out in 1999 as a manager-trainee for a property manager post, she soon found herself managing two properties at once. After a time, surrounded by successful real estate people she discerned that she could make more money selling real estate instead of managing it.

Mazzocco has never looked back since. Originally very shy and inexperienced, she says that she had some great mentors and they taught her how to get organized and stay focused. She developed the skill of conversing with people, making them feel comfortable in the complex real estate world, which took all the pressure off of herself, and since she enjoys that part of helping people.

In 2016 according to, Cleveland enjoyed a good economy and along with that a good year in real estate. The job picture was a growing one with a surge in new jobs and more possibilities for the future. Coupled with a great lending market, the housing business was on the grow. However, by election time, about November, things began to slow a little bit due to rising interest rates and a local housing inventory that was shrinking.

Tammy Mazzocco has been through housing slumps before, but this was not a slump yet. But it had all the signs of one, but Mazzocco just kept on working and staying with the program. She gets most of her initial leads from Zillow from people who post on the site, indicating what kind of homes they are interested in. Mazzocco just keeps talking and asking questions, stays organized and keeps in touch, and eventually, they buy.

Cleveland will continue to prosper no doubt, as jobs continue to come back, at least that is the plan, and Mazzocco will keep selling. That looks like a good partnership that will keep working. It has always worked before. For more info, visit her Facebook profile.