The Achievements And Success Story Of Guilherme Paulus

     The name Guilherme Paulus can be synonymously linked to the tourism industry in Brazil. He is the founder of the biggest tour operator in the country. His company CVC had its humble beginnings forty-six years ago. At the time,Paulus was at a ripe young age of twenty-four years pointing to a very ambitious young man who had potential to do great things. Guilherme did not begin his venture alone as he had a Brazilian politician who after four years in the venture left to pursue other engagements. Under Guilherme Paulus, CVC flourished consistently over the years to become Brazil’s most successful tour operator.

In the year 2009, Guilherme Paulus was approached by a private equity company who bought a stake in the company of 63.6%. The total worth of the stake amounted to four hundred and twenty million dollars. This was a life-changing event for CVC as the company was then able to list its shares the following year. For Guilherme Paulus, it gave him an extra boost in funds to be ready to venture into the hospitality industry in the year 2005. This saw him build luxurious hotels and resorts around the country that also was included in his investment portfolio. GJP groups of hotels and resorts paid off immensely as he was able to build hotels near airports and public service amenities that were connected to the airport terminus. As a result, his hotels served as accommodation to the 2014 world soccer cup teams as well as fans that made the trip to Brazil. One successful turn deserves another and yet again in 2016 his hotels benefited from the 2016 Olympics that Brazil served as a host to. Guilherme Paulus well planned investments paid off in the long run as he made calculated moves and prepared for the opportunities that the future promised.

His ability to withstand the test of time after his partner left saw him reap significant benefits not only from the company that he helped established but also in the prospecting of new business opportunities that also ended up being lucrative. His passion in the hospitality sector is unparalleled as he is devoted in whatever he sets his eye on. Such success is built over time and requires a lot of patience and will whenever adversities come knocking. There is still more to expect from him as he only seems to have gotten started.