Ted Bauman Predicts of a Second Bull Run

About one year ago, something caught the attention of Ted Bauman. It was about one sector of the economy which had been suffering for quite some time as a result of mismanagement. Around mid-December, there was a looming change of leadership. Those exiting from had their way of doing things while the so-called reformers entering into the new leadership had different ideas. These are some of the things that usually happen in most organizations. Boardroom wars are common but if taken to extreme levels can have drastic effects on the company.

It seems Ted Bauman had done his calculations correctly. In approximately three weeks, his investments have increased by 13%. It is surprising that during the same period S&P only managed a mere 2.5%. Bauman used the same scenario to analyze similar situations and discovered the opportunity that was staring at him. Unfortunately, many people did not take advantage of that. According to Bauman, if someone would have followed such a pattern for 70 years, they would have gained 70% more than what S&P earned. Ted Bauman thinks that the same scenario will occur this year and that is why he bought ishares MSCI South Africa EFT in December. Read more on ezinearticles.com about Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Maryland. He went for his studies in South Africa where he obtained his postgraduate degree in economics and history from the University of Cape Town. He has worked in the country for 25 years mostly in the non-profit organization serving in executive positions. For instance, he has served as a fund manager for various low-cost housing projects. Besides, he actively participated in a charity drive known as Slum Dwellers International which has been able to assist more than 14 million people in over 35 countries.

It is worth noting that Ted Bauman’s country of origin has experienced leadership challenges for the past decade. The ruling party settled on a reformer to take the leadership of the country. The markets quickly picked up and after Bauman realized the same, he made a lot of money because he saw what was coming in advance. Ted Bauman advises people to take advantage of such kind of scenarios this year and stand to benefit from the same. According to him, emerging markets or Ems will be one of the investment areas to keep an eye on. Whoever will take his advice will probably make some money from the stock market.