Ted Bauman Connecting With Public through Writing

Ted Bauman Connecting With Public through Writing

Ted Bauman is a part of a great group of financial experts, research analysts and investment writers working at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the publishing firm in 2013 where he works as the editor of The Bauman Letter. He also edits the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert publications. Mr. Bauman chiefly specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment plans as well as international migration matters. He also writes the weekly Banyan Hill free daily newsletter known as, The Sovereign Investor Daily.

Banyan Hill is a leading publisher of investment advice and its reader’s population has surged over the years. This increase in number of daily readers can be credited to employment of experienced and knowledgeable investment experts like Bauman. Its panel of experts not only offers investment advice but also ways to overcome financial tempests. Ted Bauman has been a great acquisition to the company has his work has also featured in variety of journals besides Banyan Hill newsletters.

Bauman has amassed his skills in the field not only from learning from other experts in the field but he also has a rich academic background. He holds postgraduate degrees from the University of Cape Town. His specialty are economics and history and they backs his success and contributions in the investment sector. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

Ted Bauman has worked in many nonprofit corporations in the executive position. In many instances, he has served as a fund manager for the low-cost housing projects. His philanthropic ways have seen him help many people in the slums. His efforts have gave birth to Slum Dwellers Internationals among many other initiatives in different countries.

Ted has also served as a finance consultant, researcher and writer. His other areas of specialization include housing and planning. Some of his reputed clients include World Bank, United Nations, European grant-making companies and the South Africa government. Ted has also worked as the manager of international housing programs for Humanity International. He also toured many nations globally and this experiences have taught him to invest widely and in different fields.

Opting to pursue researching and writing in his career has made it easy for Ted Bauman to share his knowledge with other people worldwide. His monthly publication, The Bauman Letter as presented him a chance to offer wide range of finance solutions and new trends to his subscribers. Many readers who have subscribed to his monthly newsletter can attest that it has been a masterpiece that has provided personal solutions to their investment and asset protection issues. Subscribers can follow Bauman via social media platforms of their liking.

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