Talos Energy

Talos Energy is a technology operated, independent oil and also gas company and production company. This company is led by a team that is full of experience in production and also offshore exploration. They are proffessionsls when it comes to getting operated shelf and deepwater assets all in the Gulf of Mexico. They are prepared to explore, exploit, and optimize the deep water using their updated and advanced technologies ideas. They have several years working together as a team and have generated nothing but successful results. Talos Energy began in 2012 but before that there were other successful oil and gas corporations that were built under the same proffessionsls.

Recently Talos Energy has more positive results in their findings. They recently discovered over a billion barrels of oil in the hallow waters right off of Mexico’s coast. This has been the most recognized findings since the country opened up the oil and gas fields to foreign exploration which happened almost about 3 years ago. Talos Energy bumped into the oil around 37 miles from Puerto Dos Bocas which was around the southern coast of the Golf of Mexico. The well that is named Zama-1 is about five hundred feet deep in the water and made it to a depth of around 11,000 feet. The Cheif and President of Talos Energy has stated that it will take up to 4 years for the country to come to those findings.

The Cheif and President, Tim Duncan spoke again and mentioned that this was a huge deal but it would take time to develope something big and to do it fast. This has become an important discovery and a discovery that should motivate going south of the United States boarder. A proffessional analysts from Talos Energy research firm, Wood Mackenzie, Pablo Medina has stated that Zama is a good fifteen to twenty biggest and shallowest water fields that has been found in the world in the past twenty years and recognized as the most important discovery to date.

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