Sujit Choudhry’s View on the Current State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is a well-respected individual whose opinions are mainly supported by the extensive research he carries out in constitutional law as well as politics among other current issues. Sujit primarily focuses on constitutional design as a way of managing the difficult transitions from conflicts to transitional justice, bill of rights, peaceful politics, federalism, and secession among others ( .

Mr. Choudhry has significantly made contributions to the constitutional law of Canada. In his recent publication, Sujit discusses in detail how constitutional democracy is affected when a political crisis arises in a nation.

Choudhry goes ahead to analyze the famous Eric Holder. In his tweet, Eric Holder says that in case Bob Mueller is fired or removed from office, the American people will demonstrate massively. Sujit says that the tweet made by Mr. Holder is more of a warning that demonstrations will happen for people to express themselves and their view on the issue. On the other hand, Sujit implies that Eric wants the issue to be corrected based on people’s reaction.

According to Mr. Choudhry, the tweet by Mr. Holder is more of a ‘constitutional self-enforcement’. Sujit Choudhry shows that he did not expect Eric to behave the same way he did. However, Choudhry says that it since Eric was a previous law enforcement official, he should take a different approach on the matter. Sujit says that he at least expected Holder to solve issues legally as dictated by his profession. Sujit Choudhry says that the standard trend in almost all nations globally is the tendency to disrespect the constitution especially by those in power. Sujit goes ahead to say that opponents tend to fight such political approaches, but it is quite challenging.

Choudhry notes that the tweet made by Mr. Eric is an excellent example of what happens when democracy fails, and the law is not respected. According to him, exceeding the set term limit is unconstitutional and should be referred to as a self-coup. Sujit notes that it is wrong to grab power without conducting elections. Sujit adds that courts should always stand their ground to ensure that the constitution is respected by everyone regardless of their position in a government.

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