Success Academy: No Excuses School Model

Success Academy gives students everything that they need to be able to do well in school. For that reason, they are a “no excuses” school and can make sure that children are learning as much as possible. When Success Academy was first introduced to the New York City area, there were hundreds of thousands of students who were not up to the standards that were set by the state. Now, though, the students who go to Success Academy are helping to improve the proficiency of New York City students. The students, referred to as scholars at Success Academy, are able to be successful thanks to the ideas that Success Academy has for education. They are able to be educated properly and there is no excuse for them not to learn when they are working on different things. Success Academy approaches the matter much differently than the way that the public schools approach the environment of learning.


Students who go to Success Academy are expected to go for longer periods of time each day. Their school days are longer and they need to do more during that school day. Their school year is also longer. These longer days are not meant as a punishment to students but are, instead, an opportunity for them to learn as much as possible. The short amount of instruction time for teachers at public school makes it hard for students to learn everything that they need to in the curriculum that they should be learning from.


Another aspect of Success Academy is that the students are held to very high standards. The school requires children to wear uniforms that they provide if the family cannot afford them. Students are expected to perform as scholars and are supposed to always be learning. While they are encouraged to constantly learn new things at Success Academy, it is made to be a fun experience so children can get the most out of learning. The school does not just want children to be able to take tests from the information that they have learned. They want them to learn the information and apply it.