Stream Energy named one of the top 10 most trusted companies in Texas

Texas-based Stream Energy has recently been named one of the most trusted brands in the entire state of Texas. The study and survey were completed by Market Strategies International and they surveyed more than 5,000 Stream Energy customers and were asked to choose their best electricity provider based on nine factors which include: eco-friendly, top-tier customer support, community relations, communication effective and local reputation (AskReporter).


Market Strategies International first released their results in 2017 as part of the Cogent Reports “2017 Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust Study.” The key finding in the study is that brand trust is strongly affected by the company’s involvement with the community as well as the company’s response to customers impacted by natural disasters like the recent hurricanes that damaged parts of Texas.


Market Strategies International Senior Vice President Chris Oberle said that Texans support companies that come out and help those who face hardships in their lives. In return, customers bring their loyalty and trust for the company year after year. During the recent hurricanes, Stream Energy donated $25,000 dollars to the American Red Cross and their work in relief efforts. Stream Energy even did not charge a late fee penalty for anyone who was affected by the storms.


Larry Mondry, President of Stream Energy says that community support is key to what they do and they feel honored to be recognized for their trustworthiness ( Mondry said he will continue to make his team work at upholding the recognition and always be the best provider for Texas.


Larry Mondry started Stream Energy in 2005 in the great city of Dallas. The company has a leg up on the competition because of its revolutionary direct selling, a tactic that has made it a household name all over Texas. Stream Energy offers a variety of services besides energy: wireless services, home services, and security services. Stream Energy continues to work day and night to keep their clients happy and bring in new customers. Stream Energy has become a strong part of the community and has no intention of leaving. They help their customers even in the worst times.

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