Steve Ritchie Lays out the Expansion Program of Papa Johns

Steve Ritchie is the chief executive officer of Papa Johns – a company that specializes in pizza production. Steve has extensive experience working in the hospitality industry and loves the pizza industry. As the leader of Papa Johns, he has laid out strategies to ensure quality production of pizza and quality offering of services to meet their customers’ needs and requirements. Steve Ritchie sent his message through the social media platforms to encourage the stakeholders in the industry of the company’s commitment to development and expansion programs.

Steve added that the mission of the company is to adhere to the inclusion of everyone, serving customers with a focus on their needs and maintaining equity and respect as the guiding principles of the organization. The company gave guidelines on how it intends to start a foundation to help the disadvantaged groups in the community and its responsibilities in the social welfare. Steve Ritchie also elaborated on the company’s effort to train its staff to acquire additional skills in their daily working environment. He also said that the management is doing its best by various regions touring to collect customers’ feedback on their products and make informed decisions on the improvements required.

Papa Johns recruited Victoria Rusell as the leader of Diversity and Inclusion who will spearhead the transition of the company to attract more customers and grow the sales revenue. Endeavor Global Marketing Corporation was identified as the advertising agency that will work in collaboration with Papa Johns to roll out the company’s marketing campaign and strategies. Besides, Nimbus Company was included as a multicultural agency to help the company on various sales growth strategies. Papa Johns also outlined its plans to expand in the international market by opening over three hundred and fifty stores in the coming years. Steve Ritchie emphasized the importance of rebranding of the company to elevate the image of the company, which will enable market penetration in different areas.

Steve Ritchie said that a select advisory group would be formed to work alongside Bank of America Corp and Lazard Company to provide their input on the business operations of the enterprise. Steve Ritchie said that the franchise assistance program would help his team to realign itself well and solve challenges to improve the organization.