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Sheldon Lavin Helps The OSI Group Tackle The World

The OSI Group began as a small butcher shop and now 100 years, the company has expanded to all corners of the world. The vision for OSI Group to go global started way back in the 1970s. At that time, Sheldon Lavin’s role at OSI Group was that of a financial consultant, and at that time, he planted the seed in the partners of OSI to begin reaching for the world.

In the mid-70s the Otto brothers asked Sheldon Lavin to become a third partner and he excepted. Lavin became half partner when he bought the shares of one of the brothers. When the last brother retired, Meet Sheldon Lavin, the Man Behind the Success of OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin was in complete control. Lavin knew that for him to stay, the company needed to expand.

Lavin made some strategically plans for the company that included acquisitions and joint ventures. However, that was not all that was important to Lavin. He wanted a company that utilized the best green practices and was sustainable without sacrifices of food safety.

Under Lavin’s watch, the OSI Group has grown to over 20,000 employees located all over the world. He is also proud of the fact that even though OSI Group facilities are separated by oceans, different languages, and individual focuses, the company is still bonded by its culture. Lavin, however, still has more than he wants to do.

He wants to continue working on the company’s green initiative. Even though OSI is green conscious, Lavin wants to continue to reduce its impact on the environment. He also wants to continue to establish a supply chain that is sustainable. It is important to Lavin that he continues to be socially responsible to his employees and their communities throughout the entire world. Sheldon Lavin is also a generous contributor to many different charities.

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