Securus Technologies: Focusing on New Ventures

Securus Technologies is a leader in the field of telecommunications. They are servicing more than 3,000 prisons in the United States and Canada, and according to statistics, more than one million prisoners are being maintained by the company. Their aggressive growth is because their products and services are the more preferred than their competitors, and more correctional facilities trust them for their innovative products and services. Securus Technologies has been in the business for decades, and in the latter part of 2017, they announced that they would be acquiring GovPayNet, a company specializing in payment processing for government agencies. Securus Technologies thought that a business focusing on the payments industry would bring a new meaning to their business empire. GovPayNet is being used by more than 26% of all the counties in the United States, and many people have lauded the decision of Securus Technologies to acquire a very helpful firm like GovNetPay.



Securus Technologies spend more than $600 million to protect their inventions and patents. Now that GovPayNet is under their company umbrella, Securus Technologies stated that they would be using the latest technology to redesign and reprogram GovPayNet to provide better services to the public. Securus Technologies plans to process more than 40 million payments every year, and a better system for GovPayNet is a good investment. They also stated that the executive at Securus Technologies is trying to do a research study about some of the things that can be added to the services provided by GovPayNet.



Securus Technologies is serious about their new business ventures. They are looking for the viable companies available for acquisition, and once they told the owners about their plan, the deal goes through. People are hoping that these acquisition processes will make the services better and faster.