Securus Receives Massive Downloads Of Their App

Securus recently announced app has obtained more than 65,000 downloads from families with relatives, colleagues, and friends in prison. The video visitation mobile app for both android and apple devices has already reconnected families with their loved ones in a very short time. The flexibility of the application is what has made many people download it as it has scheduled video chats once a person synchronizes their calendar to the application. Users have adapted to the new technology massively and have used it to reconnect with inmates in correction agencies around North America at the comfort of their homes. The video visitation app is working in all the facilities connected with Securus Technologies, and they are more than 3450.

The application for inmate phone calls via video is can be used over in different places so long as one is connected with a Wi-Fi. It is also cheap comparing the hustle families go through to communicate with their loved ones in prison. Sometimes their visits yield no success. Families can include their incarcerated members in important family events like weddings and birthday parties through the video visitation app technology. The app is also enhancing the safety of prisoners as substances that were passed over during face to face visits will not get way into the correction agencies also streamlining duties for most correction centers.

Securus Technologies have over times developed more than 800 products for law enforcement and correction centers. Located in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies have been handling more than 1,200,000 inmates in prisons all over North America. They perform duties like the criminal investigation, biometric analysis, information management, inmate communication, enhancing inmate self-service, emergency response and monitoring of products and services. This it has been working with law enforcers and correction agencies but through technological solutions. 

The company has hundreds of thinkers, technologists, designers and engineers who come up with innovative solutions over promoting public safety. The company was founded back in 1986 and managed to have over 30 years’ experience in the service to many correction centers and has more than 13oo associates. Securus is the present day leader in technological advancements over coming up with solutions for the correction centers; the company also seems to care about those incarcerated from the advancements to promote their welfare while prisons.

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