Satisfying and Sustainable: Waiakea Water

Waiakea has reached another milestone with the launch of a fully degradable bottle. This innovation is laudable at best since beverage bottles are a major cause of environmental pollution. The goal of this initiative is to offer Waiakea beverage in recyclable, 100 percent degradable plastic bottle. Waste management is a significant challenge around the world, therefore, having degradable containers is a welcome relief. Ordinary bottles will last for more than 1000 years before they naturally degrade. By contrast, Waiakea degradable bottles are expected to last for about 15 years. This is yet another big leap forward for mother nature.

The technology involves the use of TimePlast’s nano-additive material on bottles. The innovative technology gives Waiakea a significant boost as a pioneer. Consequently, it’s expected that the groundbreaking technology will be adopted by consumer packaged goods industry(CPG)worldwide. The commercial advantages are immense, negating any costs incurred, especially with the growing environmental conscious population. Waiakea innovativeness is well known, and its unique lifestyle brand is revered in America and beyond. It adopted natural minerals in its water processing from Mauna Loa volcano, and speedy bottling process. Their growth has grown beyond the United States, the demand for their high-quality water is widespread.

Waiakea growth is incredible, considering that a 22-year-old Hawaiian launched the company in 2012. Over a period of 3 years, from 2012 to 2015, the company grew by over 4000%(Forbes, 2015). Ryan Emmons, the founder, saw an opportunity in the market by offering consumers with socially configured beverages. He developed his bottled water concept on three components namely, unique health benefits, degradable packaging, and corporate social responsibility – charity. Ryan’s achievement at such a young age in an industry dominated by old boys is a marvelous. Waiakea brand is built on three pillars, health benefits, environmental focus, and CSR. Its degradable bottle innovation was, therefore, a result of the environmental focus. The eco-friendly approach is in line with the triple bottom line business philosophy (TBL), whose idea is to foster financial growth while taking into consideration the social and environmental impact.