Sandy Chin Advises Young Entrepreneurs on the Significance of Mentorship

Sandy Chin is the founder of Tidal Bore capital establishment. Sandy is a popular financial expert and consultant with two decades of experience in the finance sector. She launched Tidal Bore in 2016, and the company is the first customer staple that deals with hedge funds. Sandy is a firm believer that steadier stocks are quite attractive since they give good returns. According to Chin, these stocks can connect the top-down view of a company with its bottom-up analysis, a strategy that every entrepreneur should critically understand to excel in business.

In a recent interview, Sandy got the opportunity to speak to young and upcoming entrepreneurs about the significance of mentorship in business. She stated that all entrepreneurs should be hardworking and innovative, always looking for new opportunities. According to Chin, they should learn to integrate information quickly since they will be involved in various sectors that demand the same attention. Moreover, they should learn to talk to their bosses and also have active involvement with the management since that’s the only way they will rise in entrepreneurship and their career as well.

Sandy Chin noted that for an entrepreneur to become productive, they should strive to emulate their mentors and how they do things. Besides, they should also monitor stock market movements, to stay up-to-date on what is going on in the market to find investment opportunities. According to Chin, young entrepreneurs should ask for more work or responsibilities from the management.

The more work they do, the more the experience and earnings they get. More work will also keep them active, and they’ll be able to spot new opportunities more easily. Furthermore, with adequate experience, they’ll be able to maneuver the industry without difficulties. Chin also said that young entrepreneurs ought to ask for promotions at their places of work. Nevertheless, promotions will come only after displaying dedication and hard work.


Before Sandy established her firm, Tidal Bore, she served at Visium Asset Management as a portfolio manager. Chin also worked for Neuberger as the senior analyst and the vice president for many years. She worked together with Bill who was her mentor, and they served the company together for ten years. Sandy Chin joined Stern School of Business in New York City where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She later went to the College of Barnard at the University of Columbia, where she studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Sandy can fluently speak in French and a bit of Russian.