Ronald Fowlkes- The Man with Plateful Heart

Ronald Fowlkes has enjoyed working in the law enforcement as the SWAT leader and the front lines of Marine. His steps of relaxing, chilling out and unwinding are giving and mentoring young sports teams. Ronald son for the last three years is actively involved in hockey Triple-A-team of St. Louis Blue with his father as the coach, mentor and the one responsible for their equipment. Additionally, he is the team off the ice trainer. Mentoring plays a more significant part than just giving back. It involves a direct taking role in organizing the tactical equipment.


Ronald starts his day as the leader with the FirstSpear, and he first experienced exposure to equipment and gears while in uniform. His central role as equipment guy is teaching the kids the importance of taking care of their apparatus and states that well-maintained sports gear and paraphernalia’s is sometimes the deciding aspect of losing and winning. The kids understand the importance of putting their sports gear correctly after practices. Mentorship to Ronald Fowlkes matters since he shares his personal stories with the kids that help them realize others work hard for their protection and life. He states that mentorship offers a winning solution to both the mentor and mentees since it leads to trust and open conversation and guidance in the right direction. According to Ronald Fowlkes sports offers the leeway of mentoring the younger kids giving them a chance to ask a question and receive useful answers. He boasts of his team ranked 27th nationally with exceptional performance in local tournaments.


Ronald Fowlkes joined the Marines after high school, and later he joined the police law enforcement after leaving the military with the mission of helping others. Ronald offers valuable tools to law enforcement individuals through Eagle Product, a company he established for helping others. Apart from the enforcement law official, he gives other opportunities to different individuals helping them rise in their lives. Fowlkes provides help and support to law enforcement community during their difficult situations and helping them to build their career to high levels of success.


Ronald states that his past training in the military prepared him to get things better offering supporting future to the others. He believes combining his knowledge and skills from the law enforcement and military training to giving back to where he is needed the most. He combines the affirmative action and having a plan to achieve great success as a mentor and helper. Having a positive attitude with decisive steps makes it easy for people to trust your insight into their lives making it easy to help them with different issues they face. Ronald Fowlkes is Marine Special Ops ex-member and a graduate of Parachute School of Prestigious Army hence he knows the importance of training and fitness.