QNET Creates an Amazing Platform for Businesswomen to Succeed

QNet is an international direct-selling organization that spans 100 countries. Not only is QNET very successful in offering networking to distributors with a multitude of products, they encourage women who might not have the chance otherwise to participate and become entrepreneurs in their own right. I see QNET as instrumental in supplying women with a corporation that is dedicated to developing a business experience for women.

QNET was established in Hong Kong in 1998 and became a member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. This phenomenal organization has 25 offices worldwide and has developed UAE QNET with three main offices in Dubai, Abu Dubai, and Mustafa. They also just opened a new office location in Myanmar.

Great news! QNET opens its second agency office in #Myanmar! Read more: http://goo.gl/Y8Z4jO

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QNET realizes the importance of women in their company, and they offer open schedules so that women can work according to their own schedule, which their employees are grateful for according to QNet’s excellent Glassdoor reviews. QNET offers a wide variety of products in health, beauty and wellness. Some of the products offered are Couleurs make-up, Physio Radiance skincare and luxury Swiss-made watches made by Bernard Mayer.

People love Physio Radiance and here’s the proof: http://goo.gl/dAi0jI

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This company likes to participate in giving sports sponsorships in many locations around the world. They support football, badminton and more because they feel that exercise, passion, and teamwork that are involved in playing sports completely reflects the drive that spurs QNET. I recently saw that QNET signed a new partnership with the Manchester City Football Club, which is also a direct selling partner.

QNET has now expanded to having distributors in 160 countries across the globe. They not only have health and wellness products, but they also have other jewelry, personal beauty and skin care products, technology products, educational experiences, and holiday travel packages for business and pleasure. QNET is also receiving many awards for their business savvy, and in 2015, they won three awards in Hong Kong their headquarters. 

I see QNET as an outstanding business that takes pride in performing with excellence as well as offering an exceptional platform for women to rise in the business world.  

Learn more about QNET India by visiting their website: http://www.qnetindia.com/

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