Peter Briger – The Supervisor Of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger, is a commercial professional and a specialized leader in San Francisco, California. He has over twenty years of knowledge in asset management. Peter Briger is a previous Goldman Sachs executive who joined Fortress in the year 2002. Mr. Briger presently works as the principal of Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group is a frontrunner worldwide investment management firm. The investment group supplies official and private investors. They also supervise additional possessions worth up to $65 billion dollars. In the year 2009, Peter Briger was nominated as co-chairman of the board. Since 2002, he has directed the firm’s operations in several management roles. Mr. Briger currently supervises the Fortress Investment Group’s real estate business and credit accounts.

Peter Briger went to school at Princeton University. He also went to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he earned an MBA. Mr. Briger has been busy when he, at one time, served as an associate at Goldman Sachs. He supervised operations in several business regions. The philanthropic causes that Peter Briger supports are medical research, education, efforts to ease poverty, and conservancy. He helps many organizations on boards, including, Central Park Conservancy, The Tipping Point, Global Fund for Children, Princeton University Investment Company, the Hospital for Special Surgery, The Grace Wilsey Foundation, and Caliber Schools.

Peter Briger sees growing opportunities to profit from distraught resources, especially in the financial area. He has stated that although today, many banks have recovered from the despairs over several years earlier, he notices governmental and monitoring continue to change while forcing the banks to adjust how they do business. He wants to capitalize how on how banks handle assets with the kind of opportunity for its improvement.

Since February of 2007, The Fortress Investment Group began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Peter Briger’s current position on the Forbes Billionaire list is over the top 300 with a net worth reaching $2 billion.

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