Peter Briger Is A Veteran With More Than Three Decades In Finances And Investing

Peter Briger is a highly accomplished businessman in the United States that has been recognized for his talents through various media outlets and was even listed in the Forbes Billionaire list in 2007. Peter’s career extends more than thirty years, during which time he has acquired great wealth, character, and business reputation. Today, Peter Briger is an executive at one of the leading alternative investment firms in the United States, Fortress Investment Group. As President and Co-chairman, Peter has a fair amount of influence and responsibilities to the company on a daily basis. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter was already an accomplished businessman with 15 years of financial experience working for Goldman Sachs, a multinational investment bank that currently ranks 5th in total assets in the United States. Learn more about Peter Briger at

When Peter first joined Fortress Investment Group, he was in charge of the real estate and credit departments, overseeing daily operations and cutting costs where he could. Over the years, Peter was able to advance his position and play a bigger role at the company, which came quite quickly for a man with his expertise. A little unknown position that Peter Briger currently maintains is a spot on the board of directors at his former college, Princeton University.

Along with his impressive financial career and billionaire status, Peter Briger has been an active philanthropist for pretty much his entire career. He is currently a leader on the council at Silicon Valley, a foundation that manages funds to help out children all over the world. Education is extremely important and builds the foundation for many children’s journey to success in life, which is why Peter has focused on educational programs and charities aimed at helping children with learning. Peter has been an active supporter of the Central Park Conservancy and other similar organizations for more five years.