Perry Mandera: Providing Superior Transportation Services.

Trucks are the primary entity for world wealth. Since the 1900s trucks make significant contributions to the 80% duties that are required by road transportation carrier services. Household goods, office equipment, and food travel to businesses on a truck.


Trains, boats, and planes have valuable roles in the transportation industry. However, they cannot pull up to the front door or back up to a distribution warehouse. Trucks move billions of tons of freight yearly. Commercial truck transporters are the heart of Nations. Without trucks, nations shut down.



The love for trucks motivated the 23-year-old Perry Mandera to start his first transportation business. However, after five years, Perry Mandera sold his business and pursued his vision of supplying consumers with top of the line transportation services. In 1986, in Northlake, Illinois, Perry Mandera opened the Custom Companies, Incorporated.


Currently employing over 350 people in the Los Angeles and Chicago communities, Custom Companies Inc. leads the way in providing world-class warehouse and distribution services for all means of transportation. Perry Mandera’s motivation to get it right the first time triggered the need to acquire the most innovative technology (CustomCares). Perry Mandera uses the latest technology to guard against mistakes in tracking, billing, pricing, and tracing products.


Warehouse organizations receive superior routing, labeling, sorting, and segregating services. Furthermore, Perry directs over 350 power units globally. He also maintains 33 key markets in the distribution sector (


Concerning distribution, victims in Louisiana and Mississippi received truckloads of food following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. Furthermore, Perry Mandera supports AIDS research, Chicago’s Special Olympics, and the Anti-Hunger Federation.


Perry Mandera’s passion for superior consumer services doesn’t stop with the business industry. He has time to serve communities by coaching youngsters in boxing and various other sports. Mr. Mandera even established Custom Care Charity Incorporated, a nonprofit organization to help children in need.

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