Paul Mampilly Saving Readers the Hassle to Find Investment Ideas


If there is one rapidly growing publication in the financial industry is Paul Mampilly; Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited is a great publication owned by the widely acknowledged Banyan Hill Publishing located on Florida. The publication has reached a wide readership base of more than 90,000 subscribers. This is a clear indication that Mampilly’s columns have impacted many people and he expects to reach a wide readership base. The growth of the newsletter has struck great harmony with many investors in the world because it offers great financial information that no other adviser can guarantee. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.


Paul shares great passion with his readers and describes them as knowledge-seeking Americans who are eager to learn more on investment. He says most of his readers access his newsletter in order to get useful investment advice that is not offered by any other financial institution. Majority of his readers are looking for opportunities to efficiently improve or grow retirement financial records as well as improve their living standards.


Mampilly together with Banyan Hill have paid much attention on the needs of those investor who are inadequately provided with right and helpful investment advice. Through his publications he has found a great way to benefit the competitive and demanding industry. His newsletter has continued to grow while many other competitor publications are continuing to lose their subscribers. Paul career life and contributions have been a blessing to his readers. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

This is not the first time he has achieved success in the investment field. Mr. Paul Mampilly has excelled where others have failed while others are uncertain on what to offer their readers. Notably, in his investment endeavors, he famously set a record with his financial growth when the business sector was facing crisis. Being a reputed investor and financial mastermind, he has responded to readers needs by offering them the best financial advice that they can use without much hassle. Paul Mampilly has used exceptional ways to attract new subscribers. Through his Profits Unlimited publication he has come up with a pricing structure that will help readers purchase his publications on yearly basis. They can also get digital publications and print them whenever they need them.


For readers who want to learn more about investment models, he also provide them overviews of the available investment openings that will bring much revenue. Readers can access Paul Mampilly portfolio without much struggle online. Subscribers can also find Mampilly on his LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter among many other social platforms.