Paul Mampilly laces up with New Energy and Sneakers

Paul Mampilly is known for having a remarkable track record for picking the right stocks at the right time for enormous gains. No one really can figure out how he does it, but he has seemed to have attracted more than 90000 people to subscribe to his newsletter Profits Unlimited to gain his insight. Paul is also the founder of Capuchin Consulting where he provides investing ideas to professional investors.

Paul graduated from Fordham Gabelli School of Business, and started his career in banking, quickly moved to managing multi-million dollar accounts, and then was recruited to become a hedge fund manager. In 2008 to 2009 Paul Mampilly received first place in the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in which he invested $50 million and turned it into $88 million during the 2008-2009 stock market crash.

He can be found on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where he freely talks about the stock market, investing strategies, and even Bitcoin. Right now, he is negative on Bitcoin saying it is in a bubble but finds blockchain to be fantastic. Paul Mampilly believes once the dust settles that blockchains and ICO’s are to merge well with stocks and investments and give more opportunities to more companies than ever to go public. Stocks that pertain to medical marijuana don’t have such a good outlook as he deems them too risky and that the gains form them are already turning downward.

So what is Paul Mampilly telling his subscribers to invest in? New energy and sneaker stocks seem to be what he’s saying are heading upward. New energy stocks that are invested in using Wind, Solar, Waves, and or Geothermal energy to generate power. Paul Mampilly believes that this will cause the three industries of utilities, energy, and transportation to be disrupted and take customers away from old, outdated and obsolete technology and propel them to New Energy.

Sneakers are the other stocks Paul is advising as he believes shoes have become a new category of collectibles. Nike, Adidas, and Puma stocks have been soaring due to popularity with millennials investing in Lebron’s and Air Jordan’s. As more and more famous athletes acquire more shoe deals and more shoes come out to collectors, the more we may see these stocks rise and see Paul Mampilly nail another win on his track record.  Read more on Talk Markets: