Squaw Valley Statement

Ski Resort
Squaw Valley in Olympic Valley, California is the biggest ski resort in the United States. Since the water condition is an issue at the moment, Squaw Valley released a reassuring and accurate statement to address the quality of their water. Immediately after management had detected small traces of bacteria in their upper mountain facilities which were brought about by the colossal rainfall during the October storm, they alerted and solicited the help of the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. According to Wesley Nick on Facebook, the agency's director, there are no E. coli bacteria in any of the four wells. There are, however, low contents of coliform bacteria, which does not directly cause illness, but indicates that there are other forms of bacteria present in the water....

Brian Bonar a Jack of All Trades with True Talent!

Brian Bonar
If you've never heard of Brian Bonar, he is an investor and restauranteur who currently resides in beautiful San Diego, California. Dr. Bonar, originally from the United Kingdom, is a highly educated man who earned a PhD. from Staffordshire University. Other accomplishments include serving as Chief Financial Officer, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of multiple corporations. He is a talented man with a very diverse background. In order to truly appreciate Mr. Brian Bonar's educational and employment history, one must further dissect Mr. Bonar's background. Mr. Bonar is the owner of a fine four star restaurant located in Southern California named Bellamy's. His restaurant endeavors are as diverse as his resume as another of Brian Bonar restaurants is Brian's Restaurant; a coffee ...

Haircare 101

We all love our hair no matter the age, color, race, or creed. Possessing great looking hair is a positive reflection of self that's great for attracting the opposite sex. Unfortunately many of today's products don't live up to their own hype and are more known for being big disappointments. Brands such as L'Oréal, Pantene, Olay, Neutrogena, and Dove aren't totally bad, but they sure do have a lot of additives in them which is bad for your scalp. Being aware of your area's climate plays a huge role in how your hair is managed. Cold or cooler climates tend to give you a more dull appearance with less volume while hot/humid climates will definitely give you frizz thanks to the extra moisture in the air. Are you into coloring your locks? If so this isn't totally bad as well, but for long term

Doe Deere | The Making of a Makeup Mogul

Cosmetics Industry
Doe Deere, a young Russian born, New York raised entrepreneur has become an icon among millennials, known for her unique line of makeup. Sure, there's a lot of young entrepreneurs in the world of fashion and makeup but there's a few things that make Doe stand out from the rest. Doe has a special worldview. She sees the world from the perspective of expression. When she puts her energy in the products she creates, it always reflects that perspective. This is a facet that not many others in her generation have. She has the confidence of a person who has been in business for decades.   How did Lime Crime Begin?   Lime Crime began in 2008. She has led a lucrative and popular business for over eight years. The genesis of her career began after she wanted a makeup line t...

Career history and achievements of Sam Tabar

Career History
Sam Tabar based in New York City is a capital strategist and a prominent attorney. Immediately after graduating from Oxford University and from Columbia Law School he joined law fields and started practicing. Sam has served in various companies in his career life. In 2001 he joined Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLC law firm where he served as an associate. In 2004 he left the law firm and joined SPARX Group/PMA Investment Advisors in Tokyo and London where he sat as the Managing Director and co-head of Business Development. Sam kept thriving, and six years down the line he was appointed as the Head of Capital Strategy and Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch based in New York and Hong Kong. Sam reentered his legal profession again in 2013 by joining Schulte Roth & Zabe...

Geoffrey Cone Response To The Feature

Law Expert
Geoffrey Cone is known as one of the best in New Zealand in his field. He has profound knowledge and vast experience regarding trusts and tax laws. Geoffrey Cone is a professional and an experienced lawyer. He holds a degree in LLB honors and he also holds a post graduate diploma specializing in the field of tax and trust law. He is considered as one of the best in the field of wealth planning as well because of his successful career. After he successfully completed his post graduate in tax and trust law he started working as a chairman of partners in a renowned law firm. His main responsibility in this firm was to provide advisory services. He also operated as a leading counsel during his multiple appearances in court. Later onwards he decided to start his own firm by the name of “Cone Ma

The EOS Lip Balm Company

For a very long time, purchasing lip balm involved looking through supermarket or drug store aisles for little Chapstick cylindrical tubes. The lip balm sticks were quite ordinary with active constituent lists plastered on the packaging material. The lipsticks originally came in tasteless flavors and spring for mint or cherry flavors. Later on, there came the age of the EOS lip balm pastel-colored spreads of lip balm. This new brand took over the market in the Walgreens, Target, eBay and Walmart. In fact, most celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus were spotted utilizing this new brand of lip balm. EOS lip balm has since been fashionable with most of its brands featured in many fashion and beauty magazines. The company that was initially created by only ...

How White SharK Media has Earned Clients’ Confidence

Marketing Firm
White Shark Media develops proactive online marketing solutions customized to meet the demands and needs of both mid-sized and small firms. It is debatably one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in North America. Its growth originates from the company’s reputation of creating affordable Search Marketing campaigns while availing a world-class client experience. Thousands of Americas’ businesses have registered immense growth and profits by leveraging White Shark’s online marketing tools and tricks. The firm tracks the performance of its clients’ marketing campaigns through keyword-level call tracking, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics Integration, and proprietary reporting software.   Partnerships and prestigious awards   White Shark Media has r

FreedomPop: Truly Free And Truly Awesome Mobile Service

Mobile Phone Service
Getting free mobile phone service may have been a dream for many but now it is becoming a reality for many. Mobile phone service provider, FreedomPop, is offering truly free cellular and Internet service. Now, no FreedomPop review would be complete without stating that this service is not for everybody. However, it does serve a large section of the mobile phone market. If you are a light user who doesn't use their phone often and only check email and social media on your phone them FreedomPop's service could be just what you are looking for. The Totally Free Plan FreedomPop's claim to fame is their completely free cellular plan. This offers users 200 voice minutes and unlimited texts. It also offers 500MB of 4G data. If you are an average smartphone user you can immediately recogniz...

EOS Moves Quickly Up the Ranks

Purchasers Of Lip Balm
EOS, Evolution of Smooth, is a newcomer to the lip balm industry. They started out as an unknown company and grew to be number two in the industry. After research, a good product, and excellent marketing, EOS changed the lip balm industry and continues to do so. Before EOS lip balm made any move in the lip balm industry, they wanted to know their product and the competition. They began with research. Their findings told them that women were the main purchasers of lip balm and they were bored with it. The shape has been the same for decades and it was easily lost in the bottom of their bag. With this new information, EOS began working. They wanted a new shape that would appeal to their buyers but would set them apart. They brought in a clay artist to begin working a new design. Many p...