The Success of Rocketship Education is Due to the Involvement of Parents and Communities

Rocketship Education is an organization that serves low-income students in the public school system through its affiliated charter schools. As a system that began in California, these schools have now grown to include affiliates in the states of Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington D.C. This program was founded on the premise that every student has the right to unlock their learning potential. The Rocketship Education program incorporates personalized learning with parental interaction in an unprecedented manner that has delivered amazing results. The success the Rocketship charter schools have had in changing the course of student's lives can be seen in the opportunities available for students in the San Jose area. As one of the first regions to welcome the Rocketship program, the futur...

Luiz Carlos Trabuco will take over for outgoing Lazaro Brandao as chairman of Bradesco

     Over the last few weeks, Bradesco, one of the largest private banks in Brazil, has announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco, its current CEO, will soon be leaving his post in order to take over for the outgoing chairman, Lazaro Brandao. Brandao has decided to finally hang it up after a long and prosperous career with the bank spanning more than 75 years. The nonagenarian financier is one of the oldest currently serving chairpersons in the world. Even so, many of Bradesco's shareholders are not happy to see him leave. Brandao has overseen the period of the bank's most spectacular growth. As chairman, he oversaw an increase in the bank's stock price between 1990 and 2009 of more than 300 times, one of the most incredible periods of growth that any Brazilian business has ever sustained.

At the Top with James Dondero

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The Dallas area play host to several big names in business. One of these names is James Dondero. Dondero is currently the President and CEO of the Highland Capital Management group and the President of the Board of Directors for the Highland Acquisition Corporation. He has had a very successful career and continues to bring pride to Dallas through his knowledge of business and capital markets, and the continued growth of investments that he manages. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork. Dondero started his career after leaving the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s in accounting and finance. He used his degree to get accepted to the prestigious JP Morgan Guaranty training program in 1984, and leveraged this program to earn a position at American Express as a corporate

The Luxury Resort Of Nihiwatu Is One Of Chris Burch’s Greatest Creations

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Chris Burch is a businessman and entrepreneur who has spent over forty years developing some of the world's most luxurious brands. Chris Burch uses an investment philosophy that looks for a way to find new markets or products that disrupt markets. He believes the products he invests in should benefit the consumers, have a positive and interesting brand, and should carry unique characteristics that set it apart. To read about his views on business related matters, check A note-worthy article here Chris Burch has assisted with over a number of well-known brands, and his work has led to him working directly with over fifty countries.  Additional article on   He recently worked with Ellen DeGeneres to develop her brand ED. He has also worked with Voss Wa

Stream Energy Is An Energy Innovator With Great Leaders At The Helm

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Stream Energy is a new type of energy provider with an innovative platform to provide their energy, protective, wireless, and home services. Stream Energy was founded in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Stream Energy is a revolutionary company which sells their products and services based on a direct to consumer selling foundation. Currently, Stream Energy serves most of the East Coast states including Georgia and Texas. Stream Energy uses associates to market the company and currently, the company is a billion-dollar energy enterprise that is known around the world.   At the helm of this successful company is Larry Mondry, who became Stream Energy’s President and Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Mr. Mondry brings an array of business experience in key executive positions like his manager


Jorge Moll is a Neuroscientist who attended Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and received an MD in Neurology and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychopathy. He is President, Director and member of the governing board and Director of Skills and Expertise at D'Or Institute for Research and Education Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His social memberships include Brazilian Academy of Sciences; International Neuroethics Society; Organization for Human Brain Mapping and Society for Neuroscience. Since March 2017, he has been GP of VHM Ventures,, located in San Jose, California.   In his Biography, Jorge Moll states, "I am interested in the psychological and neural mechanisms governing human choices and social preferences and how they are shaped by m...

James Dondero-An Agent of Change in Dallas

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James Dondero’s is a household personality whose name is synonymous with quality financial services in the city of Dallas. Through him and his dedicated services, residents have been able to enjoy the services of Highland Capital Management. As the co-founder of the firm James has been able to streamline the management to provide only the best in terms of financial services. With a good team that understands the value of teamwork, Dondero is confident in his client service and management. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero. Background and Education James was a student at the Virginia University where he majored in finance and accounting. He is also a certified public accountant. Additionally, James Dondero is the co-founder, portfolio manager and president of Highland C

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Contributions

Working as a researcher, full professor, entrepreneur, practicing surgeon and philanthropist, Dr. Mark Holterman not only donates his finances but also his time. He is a true renaissance man in a world of specialization. Based in Peoria, Illinois, he works as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He graduated summa cum laude from Yale University with a major in biology. At the St. Francis Medical center, as well as the Advocate Christ Children's Hospital, he contributes his time as an attending pediatric surgeon. He also holds a PH.D. and MD at the University of Virginia (GazetteDay).   IPSAC-VN is a group that works with Vietnam medical schools and hospitals to make state-of-the-art surgical advances available to children in need. A recent press release...

Perry Mandera: Providing Superior Transportation Services.

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Trucks are the primary entity for world wealth. Since the 1900s trucks make significant contributions to the 80% duties that are required by road transportation carrier services. Household goods, office equipment, and food travel to businesses on a truck.   Trains, boats, and planes have valuable roles in the transportation industry. However, they cannot pull up to the front door or back up to a distribution warehouse. Trucks move billions of tons of freight yearly. Commercial truck transporters are the heart of Nations. Without trucks, nations shut down.     The love for trucks motivated the 23-year-old Perry Mandera to start his first transportation business. However, after five years, Perry Mandera sold his business and pursued his vision of supplying consu...

Stream Energy named one of the top 10 most trusted companies in Texas

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Texas-based Stream Energy has recently been named one of the most trusted brands in the entire state of Texas. The study and survey were completed by Market Strategies International and they surveyed more than 5,000 Stream Energy customers and were asked to choose their best electricity provider based on nine factors which include: eco-friendly, top-tier customer support, community relations, communication effective and local reputation (AskReporter).   Market Strategies International first released their results in 2017 as part of the Cogent Reports "2017 Texas Retail Electric Provider Brand Trust Study." The key finding in the study is that brand trust is strongly affected by the company's involvement with the community as well as the company's response to customers impacted b...