The Extraordinary Profile of Sahm Adrangi

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Sahm Adrangi is a Canadian national who was raised in USA. He began his first profession as a journalist in Toronto. Sahm used to publish articles and magazines while doing his work as a journalist. The most important piece of work that he published and sold out extensively was the “Northern Dynasty”. He got into the business of investing in stocks and through other investment activities. Adrangi is the founder of a hedge fund called Kerrisdale Capital. He started the entrepreneurial journey with 1$million which he was given by friends, family and the supporters who believed in his investment ideas. After a short period of time, the business had made profit of 6$million mortgage bonds. Sahm is popular and trends a lot for the best short selling capabilities and publishing research. H

Mikhail Blagosklonny and the Incredible Healing Properties of Rapamycin

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Mikhail Blagosklonny is an Oncology professor at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute. His research mainly focuses on cancer and its therapies. Besides being a professor, Mr. Blagosklonny works with Oncotarget where he is the Editor-in-Chief. He has published a lot of research on aging and inspires his students to take his research to the next level. He advocates for the use of Rapamycin, a cancer drug, to increase life span. Uses of Rapamycin and what makes it a great medicine It has immunosuppressant properties, and unlike other immunosuppressive drugs, Rapamycin has a low toxicity level towards the kidneys. Rapamycin is the perfect medicine for hemolytic-uremic syndrome treatment. This rare disease is caused by a combination of kidney failure, low platelet count, and anemia. It ...

The Story Of Gregory James Aziz CEO National Steel Car

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Gregory Aziz is the chairman of the National Steel Car. A company located in Hamilton, Ontario which was founded in 1912. National steel car has had a 100 year of experience in engineering, manufacturing and a commitment to quality. Due to Gregory J Aziz’s dedication, the company has earned the reputation as the leading company in railroad freight and tank car manufacturer. The company has manufactured freight cars that meet and exceed the customer satisfaction and the railroad industry.   Greg James was born in London, Ontario on April 30th, 1949. He attended Ridley College and later majored in economics at the University of West Ontario. Gregory J Aziz joined his family who dealt with Affiliated Foods and food business. In 1971, the company turned out to be the largest importe


Business, Business Leader, Canada, CEO, Philanthropy, Railroad, Technology
Based in Ontario, Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of leading Canadian company; National Steel Car. Often described as a corporate genius, philanthropist, and family man, Greg Aziz has achieved remarkable fetes; both in his career and private life. Born in London, Ontario in 1949, James Aziz later enrolled at Ridley College. Upon graduation, he went on to join the prestigious Western University and studied Economics. After completing his Economics course in Western University, Greg joined his family’s business venture, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The company dealt in wholesale foods. Affiliated Foods’ rapid growth in the 1970s saw the firm turn into a household name in the food importing and distribution sectors.   Greg Aziz further pursued corporate succes

Netpicks Advises on How to Invest Socially

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Mark Soberman founded the Netpicks trading company in the year 1996. The goal of the group was to provide trading education to regular traders. It has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. Netpicks offers services such as stocks, forex, ETFs, Futures, and Options. The company has online tips and tutorials that you can access if you are interested in learning more about them.  A relevant article to read here. Netpicks intentions are to educate people to trade in a smart way and not that long. In this regard, they have three objectives that a client can select, which include part-time income, full-time career and done in minutes. The whole process is simplified in a way that you just identify your goal, and the rest leave to the system. The company must see that traders make a wise investmen

Bridget Scarr Sheds light on the Secret to Succeed as an Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr is a UK based author, singer-songwriter and executive producer who is passionate about creating captivating content that appeals to varying platforms. In all the projects that Bridget works on whether television, digital content, augmented reality, interactive exhibition or virtual reality, she makes sure that they resonate with her audiences both intellectually and emotionally.   Ms. Scarr has a rich educational history after pursuing several essential subjects such as Drama, Politics, Psychology, Journalism, Music, and English at Rhodes University. In 2004, she attained her BA, Cum Laude. Bridget has fifteen years of pro experience working as a director, animator, and producer in different organizations before she founded her production company dubbed Colibrí Stu

National Steel Car Gives Back To The Hamilton Community

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Greg Aziz is the president, chairman, and president of National Steel Car. The company is the leading railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company in the world. National Steel Car has its headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz and his wife are the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair’s sponsors. It is the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada. About National Steel Car National Steel Car was founded in 1912. With more than ten decades of experience in the manufacturing and engineering of railroad freight cars. The company has in the last 100 years designed and manufactured freight cars that not only meet but also exceed the changing needs and standards of its clients and the railroad sector. National

Gregory Aziz Is An Admirable Leader In The Railway Freight Car Industry

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Gregory Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of National Steel Car. The company manufactures and engineers railway freight cars that are used globally. It is located in Hamilton. It has become a renowned company in North America for the quality and innovative solutions they provide when it comes to railway cars. The success of this company has been attributed to the team and the work they have put into growing the company to what it is today. The company is value driven and they work hard to provide their clients with innovative and dynamic products.     Gregory James Aziz was born, in 1949, and bred in Ontario. He later joined the Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario to major in Economics. He kick-started his career by ...

Sawyer Howitt’s Iconic Presence in the World of Entrepreneurship

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Sawyer Howitt is one of the 21st Century’s most exceptional young entrepreneurs who was born in 2000. Having been mentored by his father, David Howitt, Sawyer Howitt has exuded tremendous aptness and prolificacy in the entrepreneurial field. At a relatively tender age, Sawyer Howitt has kicked off quite a remarkable entrepreneurial career and has virtually become the poster boy for young shrewd entrepreneurs. Currently, Sawyer Howitt is a second semester senior student of the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Finance. Sawyer Howitt holds the position of Project Manager at the celebrated Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group is one of the most significant organizations in the American business realm since it plays the indispensable role

Todd Lubar’s Insights into New Real Estate Markets in Baltimore

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There are a great and booming real estate market and potential in Baltimore but many have been missing on this information. There are exciting and new trends for real investors, business owners, and developers in the Charm City as is popularly known. Groundbreaking Renovations A really interesting trend is the renovation undertaken on old buildings and refurbishing historic landmarks to the latest and modern residential apartments. Consider for example 10 Light Street, the ground floor has been completely converted by Under Amour into Training and Gym center. As a new hub for millennials, the former Bank of America is a home to the chicest and pricey apartment in Baltimore. The cost of living here is low as compared to Washington D.C. Young professionals and graduates are poised t...