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Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He worked at a Deutsche Bank in the leveraged finance group helping in structuring and syndicating bonds with high yields and bank debts that are non-investments. He moved to Chanin Capital Partners and worked in the investment banking restructuring group where he advised creditors on bankruptcy restructuring in chapter 11 and out-of-court. Sahm Adrangi then moved to Longacre Fund Management, a private investment partnership, where he worked as an investment analyst, researching and analyzing the equity and credit funds. From Longacre, Sahm founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and currently serves as its Chief Investment Officer. The New York-based company (Kerrisdale Capital) is mainly investme...

Is This What We Call Democracy? Sujit Choudhry Views It Differently

Constitutional Law Expert
Being a constitutional expert and scholar, Professor Sujit Choudhry views the current political climate bringing about disintegration in democracy. His research basically focuses on politics and constitutional law inclusive of how the constitution has been used as a tool of managing crises and political unrests, the role of the constitution in a country where ethnicity is rampant, the rights of the minority, and bill of rights among others ( Besides looking into the constitution, he also focuses his research on matters of formation of a government under federalism, semi-presidential, authoritarianism etc. This democracy expert has contributed much to the formation of constitutions of various countries including Canada. In his recent book release on democracy in crises, Sujit Cho...

Jeff Yastine Practices What He Preaches

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Banyan Hill Publishing has made it its mission to help out Americans who want to invest their money and gain a nice return on investment. Let us face the reality. Most Americans who want to invest in stocks are doing so because they want a better financial future. They want to save up money for retirement. They want to be able to retire earlier. They want to save up money for a fund so that they can afford to send their kids to college. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase. Most Americans who are interested in investing do not have the time and resources to spend on researching stocks all day. They do not have the energy to face losing their hard earned money to some stupid and silly mistake. They do not want to have to deal with the frustrations of what it takes to learn the ...

Jeunesse Global enters multivitamin market with a bang

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While you probably haven’t heard the names of Randy Ray or Wendy Lewis before, the chances are good that you’ve heard of their company. Jeunesse Global is currently one of the most dominant and fastest-growing companies in the global health and beauty sector. Its astonishing rise from a garage-based hobby business to become one of the most important health and beauty brands on the global market is a testament to the immense skill and vision of its creators. But Ray and Lewis, despite all of their prior success and their current abilities, had no intention of creating yet another grand slam of a business. The couple had just retired in September of 2009. They wanted to enjoy the fruits of their nearly five-decade-long career and spend more time both with each other and their many gr

Whitney Wolfe: The Bumble Surprise

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Whitney Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble. This is a dating app where women are in control. It is quite different than what most people are used too but fun. Wolfe’s vision for this dating site took off so fast and has over 28 million users worldwide. So how did Whitney Wolfe get her start in the online dating industry? She started out as a founder of her rival Tinder. When she left due to creative differences, Bumble was created and it took off. There three different variations. There is Bumble, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. Bumble BFF was created to help women find friends to connect with, while Bumble Bizz is a professional network for people to learn about each other's businesses and get services from one another. Also, women can find the right mentor or investor for the

The Success Of Dr. Mark McKenna

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a reputable medical doctor and serial entrepreneur who operates various business ventures and his medical practice here in the United States of America. Mr. McKenna is arguably most well-known for creating OVME - its name is pronounced as "of me" - a popular health service retailer where all services offered focus on the looks - the aesthetics - of customers. Rather than actually selling products, as virtually all retailers do, Dr. Mark McKenna's OVME connects prospective patients hoping to make themselves look better with certified, reputable, licensed healthcare providers across the United States. OVME operates via a mobile platform that connects consumers directly with healthcare providers best suited to their individual needs. How did Dr. Mark McKenna start hi...

Ronald Fowlkes- The Man with Plateful Heart

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Ronald Fowlkes has enjoyed working in the law enforcement as the SWAT leader and the front lines of Marine. His steps of relaxing, chilling out and unwinding are giving and mentoring young sports teams. Ronald son for the last three years is actively involved in hockey Triple-A-team of St. Louis Blue with his father as the coach, mentor and the one responsible for their equipment. Additionally, he is the team off the ice trainer. Mentoring plays a more significant part than just giving back. It involves a direct taking role in organizing the tactical equipment.   Ronald starts his day as the leader with the FirstSpear, and he first experienced exposure to equipment and gears while in uniform. His central role as equipment guy is teaching the kids the importance of taking care of...

Ricardo Tosto on the Brazilian Repatriation Law

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Mr. Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho is the most prominent lawyer and partner of Liete, Tosto e Barros Law firm. He is projected as the market leader with the highest recognition. He is most celebrated for the way in which he approaches and conducts commercial litigation. Mr. Ricardo Tosto specializes in cases related to credit recovery, Banking contracts, Bankruptcy, Reorganization, Civil law, Commercial Law amongst many others. Several clients have described Mr. Ricardo Tosto as dedicated and skilled in whatever case he decides to take on. Ricardo holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Mackenzie with an extension course in Business Management. He has held various prestigious positions in his successful career. He was the president of the Judicial Modernization Committee and the Judic

Beneficial Acquisitions with Flavio Maluf in the Lead

Flavio Maluf
Brazilian businessman Flavio Maluf is at the helm of the Brazilian corporation Eucatex S. A. and has been occupying the positions of President and Chief executive officer, and Chairman of the Board since 2006. Recently, the corporation of Eucatex S. A. with Mr. Flavio Maluf as the leader made a beneficial acquisition for the business. It got the plant owned by Duratex S. A. which is located inBotacatu. In exchange, Eucatex provided Duratex with its production farm in Capao Bonito. The facility in the city of Botacatu has a production estimated to reach over 200 000 cubic meters a year and employs 280 people. The plant will have to be approved by the CADE before it can launch business again, according to Mr. Flavio Maluf. In addition to that, the company CEO and President Mr. Flavio M...

Louis Chenevert’s productive traits made him a leader

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CEO superstar Louis Chenevert is paving the way for other leaders to live up to all their potential. Born in Canada the thriving businessman knows how to run a business successfully without sacrificing the needs of employees and compromising environmental laws. He also takes an active role in the community making it his mission to give back. Mr. Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at United Technologies Corporation. Before he held these positions he worked at UTC as Chief Operating Officer and President. Prior to UTC Louis worked at General Motors for 14 years and Pratt & Whitney for seven years. He currently as a Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs and sits on a number of boards. Louis brings his ideas to reality by finding the upmost talented engineer...