JeanMarie Guenot: An Innovative Researcher and a Leader in the Pharmaceutical Circles

Medical Corporations
JeanMarie Guenot is a pharmaceutical executive from San Francisco Bay Area. She has a postgraduate degree in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California. She is skilled in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. She is trained in medicinal chemistry with a major focus on protein structure prediction, methods for molecular dynamics, drug designs, x-ray, and NMR refinement.   Dr. Guenot’s career in the Pharmaceutical world   JeanMarie is the current executive principal of the globally renowned Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. Her role in this company is to assist in eradicating cancer through the development of innovative bifunctional antibody therapies for hematologic tumors. At Amphivena Therapeu

George Soros and the Democracy Alliance Strategy for Defeating Donald Trump

political news
Ask any good military commander and they will tell you that an army must have a solid strategy in place if they plan to defeat an enemy. George Soros and his Democracy Alliance allies know this truth all too well. In 2016, this political party support group had a good strategy for taking on the Republicans. Their plan was to elect competent key Democratic leaders to office on Politico and then use them to create policies that would help the U.S. people to thrive as a nation and as individuals. However, they were thwarted by a surprise attack of Republican sympathizers. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was expected to become the 45th president in 2017. However, it was Republican nominee Donald J. Trump that took this position on Forbes. He is now the presiding President of the U.S...

Julie Zuckerberg Success in Helping Organization through Her Talent Acquisition Skills

Women in the Workplace
Julie Zuckerberg has recently focused her efforts on assisting businesses by providing them with advice on ways to enhance their customer services delivery. She does this with a fundamental objective of turning your business into a successful venture.   Zuckerberg is a graduate of University of Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Furthermore, she attended New York law school where she acquired her bachelor of law degree. Julie started her talent acquisition career immediately after graduating from law school.   Julie is an expert in talent acquisition and recruitments. She is currently working with the Deutsche Bank as an executive in their human resource department. She plays the role of interviewing, acquisition and training of employees. Julie

Sam Tabar’s Guidance for how New Investors can Make A Fortune

New Investors Guide
Most of the people in the United States begin a new year by making resolutions that can assist them to be successful. An assessment that was conducted by Fidelity Investments indicated that 54 percent of the consumer population begins a new year by strategizing on how they can have financial freedom. The investment sector is somehow complicated, and newcomers cannot easily understand how it works. Sam Tabar is a highly skilled investment banker and attorney who can assist novices in the investment industry to gain more wealth that can help them during their retirement. Tabar considers commodity markets as one of the riskiest ventures where individuals can invest their resource. People should avoid creating investment portfolios that are based on commodity trading due to the high volatil...


The Greyhound Diaries in the fairest insight into the lives of the Americans. Inspired by Works Progress Administration, it shows that there are people in America who have real struggles that many American documentaries do not show. It uses music and narrations as a way for these people to share their stories and searches for the commonalities between all different kinds of people in America. It covers the seven years journey of Doug Levitt using the Greyhound bus in his quest to explore, understand and document in songs the life events of the ordinary Americans. While most people wonder about what is trending on twitter and Instagram, others do not even have the access to these things.     Road was the best way of covering and observing American in a better light. The b...

The Cleveland Economy and Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a Cleveland, Ohio real estate professional and she thoroughly enjoys her work. Starting out in 1999 as a manager-trainee for a property manager post, she soon found herself managing two properties at once. After a time, surrounded by successful real estate people she discerned that she could make more money selling real estate instead of managing it. Mazzocco has never looked back since. Originally very shy and inexperienced, she says that she had some great mentors and they taught her how to get organized and stay focused. She developed the skill of conversing with people, making them feel comfortable in the complex real estate world, which took all the pressure off of herself, and since she enjoys that part of helping people. In 2016 according to, Clevel...

2017 Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

Online Reviews
The year 2016 saw most companies realize the importance of online reputation management. It is no doubt that with this New Year, most companies have in their list of resolutions to improve their online brand reputation. For those that missed out on ways they can go about this, you are in luck. We have compiled a few tips to help you achieve your online reputation goals this year. Track your Brand You need to Google yourself and find out what people are saying about your company. This is the first step in creating a good reputation. If you identify negative reviews, you can now take the next step to correct this. And if you find only positives, do not just relax, you need to put effort to ensure that things stay that way. Encourage Reviews Encourage your clients to review your p...

My Business Has Been Helped Tremendously By Ignition Financial

Financial Advice
The only thing more difficult than paying for one car is paying for three cars every month. I have a small delivery business that requires my drivers to drive the cars within the local area to do pick ups and drop-offs, and it’s the heart of my entire business. I bought one car and quickly added a second and a third within a matter of months. I even anticipated getting a couple more cars, and then business would be a lot better. I had decent credit, which gave me a rate of 15% interest, but I needed a lower rate.   I figured that if I could get the cars refinanced, I’d get a lower rate, then I would be able to allocate the other monies to put towards new cars. I went to work with Ignition Financial because of the reputation I hear they have, and I like that they work with differ

New Chairman’s Rise to the Top at the Capital Group

Every since Timothy D. Armour graduated college over 33 years ago, he has been a great asset to the Capital Group. Armour earned his bachelors degree from Middlebury College in economics. He began his career with the company as a participant in The Associates Program. Then, he became an equity investment analyst where he oversaw US service and global telecommunications companies. He is now the chairman of Capital Group Companies, chairman of the Global Group Companies Management Committee, principal executive and chairman of Capital of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., which is part of the Capital Group, and an equity portfolio manager. Timothy Armour is based in Los Angeles, California. The Circumstances Behind His Current Position Election Armour was chosen by the Capit...

Who is Brian Bonar?

Dalrada Financial Corporation, QMS
Brian Bonar is known in the United States of America as a very successful financial expert. He is known for his time with the Trucept Incorporated where he helped propel the firm to the best of its kind in the finance industry. Brian Bonar is a man with experience as he has also served time with other companies such as the Dalrada Financial Corporation. These two companies are the source of his extensive leadership background. He also gets this leadership from his time in college. He went to the James Watt Technical College for his undergraduate degree where he majored in Technical Engineering. His thirst for knowledge and leadership saw him continue with a master’s program at Stafford University. However, this time he majored in Mechanical Engineering. Brian Bonar has had a successf