Alexandra Gama’s Efforts to Make a Difference in Brazil Entertainment Industry

     Alexandre Gama is a celebrated entrepreneur based in Brazil. He is the founder and CEO of Neogama. He is an expert in the advertising and communication industry. His success can be seen in how he enabled Neogama to be one of the top 20 adverting companies in Brazil. Gama graduated with an Advertising and Communications degree from Amando Penteado Foundation (FAAP). His career debuted at Ogilvy and Mather in 1982 where he was working as a copywriter and in creativity sector. His career became successful after joining DM9. He worked as a creative and copywriter director for the company for four years. He was the most awarded copywriter in Brazil. He later served BBDO as a Creative Executive Director and a shareholder. Alexandre Gama also acted for International Film Jury of Britis

Julia Jackson Combining Wine Making Success and Empowerment

Wine Business, Women in the Workplace
Julia Jackson comes from a family with a long history in the business of producing high quality wines. Growing up in and around the wine business, Jackson learned much about how to run a successful business, and today uses that wealth of knowledge to promote Jackson Family Wines while also raising awareness for her philanthropic organization that acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of women.After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College, in 2010, Jackson attended Stanford Business School and received a certification in management. She then took her already extensive knowledge of wine making, and the business of producing quality wine, to France, where she focused on learning more about production and distribution. Today, Julia Jackson serves as proprietor of Jackson ...

Advancing the Liberal Agenda

Business Leadership, Businessmen
George Soros was born in Hungary during the onset of the Second World War. He is Jewish and knows what it is to be discriminated against and persecuted for his identity. His family had to conceal their Jewish identities to keep the Nazi Regime from executing them. 500,000 Hungarian Jews were executed merely for being Jewish. Shortly after, he went to the London School of Economics where he came across Karl Popper’s Open Society Philosophy. Soros has lived by that philosophy ever and tries to propagate it. He is perhaps the most liberal billionaire that ever lived.Soros immigrated to the United States to chase the American dream. He cultivated the American economy by working for banks and other investment firms and giving them valuable investment advice. He became super rich after he fou

Fashion Trends With a Techno Flair

Global Investor
There are probably no stranger bedfellows than technology and fashions. The merger of the two has proven that they can not only exist side by side, but that they can grow together, help one another out, and even make the world a safer and more beautiful place. The popularity of this new and unusual blend, while not due primarily to the incubation of Chris Burch, is the kind of venture that he would put his expertise and Midas touch to. Billionaire Chris Burch is a man of humble beginnings. One of ten children born to an humble middle-class family in Baltimore, his business acumen and his wits have led him far from that humble start. While a student at Ithaca College, he and his brother started Eagle's Eye Apparel. His initial investment of $2,000 and some "preppy" sweaters over the next...

Greg Secker Uses Learn to Trade to Disseminate Knowledge on Trading

Knowledge on Trading
Born in 1975, Greg Secker is a serial entrepreneur who is successful for creating many trading platforms for investors. Aside from entrepreneurship, he is an international motivational speaker, trader as well as a philanthropist. He, however, is more inclined on his role as a mentor to many in different sectors of trade. To Greg Secker, lighting a neighbor's candle is the main objective of existence in the world. Services Greg is prominent for establishing trading platforms like Knowledge to Action and Learn to Trade. These are some of the leading companies that assist traders in participating in forex exchange. Smart Chart Software and the Greg Secker Foundation are also some of the best companies Greg has founded with the objective of empowering seasoned as well as new traders in t...

Wine selection tips look out for from UKV PLC Wine

Drink, Wine Business
A wine investment is one of the major ways through which you can acquire maximum profits as long as you employ unique strategies to stand out in the market. The price of wine appreciates with time depending on the age of the latter. Besides, its demand also goes up based on its age. UKV PLC entails a small team of experts who offer advice and guidelines on best wines to select and drink. The group of experts has helped many individuals avoid confusion when it comes to choosing their drinks and has, in turn, brought joy to people during their fan moments. The company also specializes in buying and selling excellent brands of wine as well as champagne, putting its target to all wine lovers. Besides, UKV PLC wines highly focus on its customers and work towards providing the best services t...

Alexandre Gama And His Legacy

     Alexandre Gama was born on June 1st, 1958 in Rio de Janeiro. He graduated college in Advertising and Propaganda from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. He began his career in 1982 where he acted as a writer at the agency Standart Ogilvy. In 1990 Gama began his work at DM9 where he worked for 4 years. He is the only Brazilian on the committee of the Global Creative Board from the Publicis Groupe holding company. Gama took on the role of CEO/CCO of Young & Rubicam in 1996. Gama left Young & Rubicam in 1999 to create his own company, Neogama. Alexandre Gama became the founder and CEO of Neogama, which is among the largest advertising agencies in Brazil. In 2002 Neogama merged with BBH and became Neogama / BBH. In 2006, Gama was named one of the 7 most important professionals i

The Business Empire of Christopher Burch

Investment Management
When fashion mogul Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride bought the Nihi Sumba Island in 2012, it was just a holiday hostel. Over the next three years, the two distinguished gentlemen in their fields worked hard to develop a five-star hotel which opened its doors in 2015. The investment cost the two investors more than 30 million American dollars and has paid off in kind. It has been voted the best hotel in the world for two years in a row by the Travel and Leisure Magazine, for 2016 and 2017. It has beat many viable candidates for the position, including former American president Obama’s preferred island luxury resort Brando.   Related article here. True to its reputation, the Nihi Sumba hotel, formerly known as Nihwatu and based on the Indonesian island of Sumba has 27 private villas

Netpicks Makes Trading Simple

Market Strategy advisor
With the recent uptick in the market some investors have begun to fall into a false sense of security that these market gains have no end in sight. Other more wary investors and traders on the other hand have begun to be nervous about the state of the market for the first time in quite some time. This has created what is known as a "choppy market". But there is one strategy that time and time again has proved to serve its users well during these types of markets. Known as the "lock and walk" technique, it can aid in facing these choppy markets that we are currently experiencing. The strategy works by respecting support and resistance levels in the NDX index followed by trading QID and QLD at the right time. If If support breaks sell QLD while if resistance breaks sell QID. If support is te...

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega – Helping Grupo Televisa Expand its Outreach Successfully

     The Mexican Media industry is amongst the fastest developing in the country and has witnessed a massive transformation in the past few years. It is primarily due to the formation of many new companies in the media industry and the efforts made by the older companies to reach out to a wider audience and provide something new, unique, and exclusive. Even though many media companies are operating in Mexico today, some of the enterprises that need mention here are Evoga Entertainment, Cinemax, Grupo Reforma, SDI Media, Grupo ACIR, and others. One other company that are considered to be the pioneers in the media industry of Mexico is Grupo Televisa. Due to its volume, outreach, and viewership, it is the largest media company in the Spanish speaking world. Over the years, Grupo Televisa