Coriant Appoints a Veteran as its CEO and Board Chairman

Toward the end of September 2015, Coriant officially announced the appointment of a new CEO and a Board Chairman. Prior to the Announcement, the new CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir had established a strong business relationship with Coriant’s senior management team while working for the Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Partner. Kheradpir is set to oversee the growth strategy of Coriant. The firm supplies revolutionary solutions to many network operators in over 100 countries worldwide. Kheradpir is an intelligent leader with an extensive experience in the technology and business arena. Kheradpir will utilize his professional expertise to address the high demand for end-user applications by developing hyper-scale data center and spearheading the shift from 100G to Multi-terabyte. He will su

Luciana Lossio: success as a lawyer, and Minister Equestrian champion

Brazil, Lawyer
After graduating in law at the University Center of Brasilia and also managing to gain approval of the Bar Association of Brazil both in 1999, the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, has continued to have a successful law career. Specializing in Electoral Law. She also holds three other degrees: One in Civil Procedure, the second in Law, State and Procedure and also recently obtained a graduate degree in Legal Order and Prosecution. Luciana is also a member of The Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. Luciana Lossio has had some important clients during her career as a lawyer. Many governors and senior members of the executive branch. She also holds some very important achievements for women including being the first female to hold the position of Substitute Minist...

Luciana Lossio To The Brazilian Electoral Court

The electoral court of Brazil is a very important place where the country makes sure that all elections are fair. There are many small things that have to be taken care of, and those small things end up in front of the electoral court and in the hands of Luciana Lossio. There are a lot of people coming to the court every year, and now they will meet Luciana Lossio in her new capacity as the head of the court. She is a young woman of amazing background, and she presented cases at the court for years after she got her law degree. She made a name for herself within the court, and now she is the head of the court that will help keep Brazil's elections fair for the people. Luciana Lossio is a fair minded person who has distinguished herself by her ability to work on both sides of a case. She...

George Soros Casts Gloom on the Chinese and EU Economies, Goes Gold

Billionaire George Soros acquired international notoriety way back in late 1992, when against all odds he risked a fortune worth $10 billion when he shorted the British pound on what was a massive a single currency speculation. The amazing thing is that he turned to be right and during that one day trade, he is reported to have profited by a massive $1 billion. Soros prepared the closing quarter for gloomy economic times, through cutting back his stock investments in the US by over a third, placing his bets against equities and banking heavily on gold. Quoting a government filling, Bloomberg, has reported that the value of the publicly disclosed value holdings of Soros Fund Management dropped by 37 percent to stand at $3.5 billion by close of March. Gold Acquisitions Prices of gol...

Beneful Dog Food

Animal Health
Beneful dog food is a healthy food for all kinds of dogs. Beneful Originals Chicken with Carrots gives your dog the nutrients to help your dog thrive every day.It has real wholesome ingredients. You can pick from three different kinds real beef, real chicken, or real salmon- they each have unique ingredient blends and flavors your dog will love. This dog food helps with your dog's immune system and supports the vision. Beneful Healthy Weight Chicken Dry Dog Food helps your dog maintain weight. It is made with wholesome rice, real chicken, soy, and is accented with veggies and apples. This food is best for adult dogs so that they can focus on the muscle of the dogs. Purina Beneful IncrediBites are for small dogs. This Beneful Dog food also helps your dog to thrive in its health while your p...

Thor Halvorssen Contribution In Liberation

Activism at Work, Human Rights
Thor Halvorssen is a freedom fighter and also a film producer. He is an advocator of human rights. Thor was born in 1977 and was brought up in Caracas. He is usually halfway from Venezuela and also halfway Norwegian. Thor lost his mother in 2004 following a brutal shootout during a public protest against Hugo Chávez's leadership. In 1993, his father was also taken, beaten, tortured and held a political prisoner in Venezuela. The police took Thor's dad because of addressing how the government was corrupt in allowing drugs cartels business. In 2014, his first cousin was also arrested and held as a political prisoner in Venezuela under Nicolas Maduro's government. Many people have tried to label him as a problem initiator and a Conservative Liberator. However, he made it public that he is a c

Shaygan Kheradpir – Coriant’s New Leader

When researching on forward thinking business men, in the International Corporate arena, you might come across the name Shaygan Kheradpir. Corporations have excelled in success with Kheradpir's wide business thought process focusing on utilizing technology and leadership to improve the foundation of the company. Kheradpir comes with not only a impeccable corporate background, but also a man of extensive education. Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornell University where he received his PH.D, master's and bachelor's in engineering. This brought his strength in his leadership to guide the company. Improving the technology of a company strategically keeps the company up to date with services that optimizes maximum for the future of the company. Kheradpir has implemented tough decisions in order...

Turning Negatives Into Positives

Sometimes a negative can be turned into a positive. This is often times the case with online reputation management. Some like to perceive bad press as just that, "bad press". It all depends on how you look at it. This mindset is exactly the purpose of the article about the UC Davis Scandal. You can find the link right here: When you read this article on the surface, you assume it's about a reputation management company not doing its job. Yes, to a certain extent it is saying this. On some other level it's also about making a point. Every company needs to take the time to clean up their own messes. Sometimes bad press is all about bringing this attention to detail to light. IT'S NOT JUS...

Knowing Investment Banking With Martin Lustgarten Success

Banking, Investments
Investment banking is a financial program whose aim is to help business in obtaining capital and expanding of their investment portfolios. It works well in higher financing where organizations are assisted get access to capital investment markets. It helps them to raise money for their business expansions and desires.   Many individuals, government bodies, and corporations getting involved in various sectors of the economy need services of a consultant. It derives the meaning of investment banking which is creating capital. Investment bankers can give out advisory services to their clients on the most profitable ventures to get involved in and the obstacles involved with them. They also advise the public about investing in stocks.   They also help in the amalgamation ...

Andy Wirth Wins in Battle Against Olympic Valley Incorporation

Olympic, Sports
Efforts to incorporate the Olympic Valley section of Lake Tahoe have officially ended. Supporters of incorporation have surrendered in the face of opposition from both local government and business owners who feel that the incorporation, if allowed to happen, would result in tax increases and the loss of access to crucial services that help maintain the area; in turn driving away visitors who bring revenue to the valley. President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC, Andy Wirth, is one prominent local business person who fought to oppose the incorporation effort. Wirth has seen a challenging past few years where factors such as drought and unpredictable weather conditions drove away would-be resort visitors and fought incorporation which would only bring about further damage in Wir...