OSI Group is an American Food Company That has had 100 Years of Business Success

OSI Group, which is based out of the state of Illinois, is respected as an American food company and has won many awards in not only the United States but in other countries. Regarded as one of the top 100 food companies in the United States, OSI Group was once called Ottos & Sons, Inc., a small meat company. Otto & Sons was hatched in Oak Park, Illinois, by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909. Otto was a German immigrant who wanted to serve his German community in Chicago by setting up a butcher shop.

OSI became a much larger version of Otto & Sons (including a new name) after many years in business. Indeed, this small German meat market was the predecessor to what OSI is today. In 1975, the name of Otto & Sons was changed to OSI Group. Today, OSI is headquartered in Aurora, Ill. OSI has been deemed a $6 billion-dollar company by Forbes. This company has close to 20 thousand employees, and 60 plus facilities located in over 15 nations. As noted by Forbes.com, OSI Group is the 58th largest private company in the United States.

Since its humble beginnings as a butcher shop, OSI now produces a large variety of poultry, vegetable, meat, fish, specialty-dough, and other food processing services for many of its stakeholders and clients. OSI Group supplies its products to private-label, retail, restaurant, foodservice, and also the industrial sectors.

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI has made many wise moves over the years to increase the success, by expanding globally. One of these moves by Lavin involved building an essential partnership with the world-renown hamburger chain, McDonald’s. OSI ended up riding the business boom with McDonald’s over many decades. OSI became one of the top four beef suppliers for McDonald’s in the 1970s based on Lavin’s relationship with Ray Kroc and many other executives of McDonald’s. Because of the quality and reputation of OSI’s meat and business presence over the years, OSI was able to prosper. OSI has recently increased new facilities in Toledo, Spain, based on the boost in chicken meat demand.