One State In Brazil Aims To Bring Free Internet To All

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) got rolling in the State of Piaui in August 2017. Three government entities were involved in initiating this process which was the Information Technology Agency, the State Secretariat for Administration and Social Security, and the Superintendence of Partnerships and Concessions. The goal is to extend the PiauiConectado program to more citizens in this state of Brazil, as infrastructure projects specialist Felipe Montoro Jens explains it.

The PiauiConectado program provides the citizens of this state with free internet, presently in the capital of this state along with eight other cities. State officials want to form a PPP with private companies in order to expand this internet access to more people across the state. Private companies will build this infrastructure and then both maintain and operate it. Felipe Montoro Jens says that ultimately they want 96 cities to have free internet access which will require around 5,000 new kilometers of fiber optic cabling to be laid. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Once this project is completed the Information Technology Agency wants to have everyone in this state having access to this free internet, which should take place in 2019. In addition to regular citizens important public service providers will also have internet access such as schools, universities, police stations, and hospitals. This project was started in December 2015. Felipe Montoro Jens says that two companies took part in the studies launching this effort and also wanted to take part in building out this network. These companies were GlobaltaskTecnologia and Gestion SA. He added that the companies that would win bids were the one who offered the best combination of techniques and the lowest cost. This is the first PPP of its kind in Brazil, he also said. This is the first PPP that is seeking to increase technological connection.

In Brazil PPPs are increasingly used by government entities to get public projects built and maintained. Governments often lack the resources needed to provide new public services and meet their obligations. PPPs are used to overcome these hurdles. When they are used correctly people get better access to public infrastructure and governments can reduce their infrastructure debts.