NSC Will Dominate the Century

Gregory James Aziz was just the kind of chief executive officer that National Steel Car needed to get it out of its slumber and active yet again in the world of railcar manufacturing. National Steel Car was once the most prominent company in both America and Canada when it came to transporting goods by railcar. They were engaged in constant innovation and always pushed the envelope where the railway was concerned. However, over time they lost their way and needed somebody get them back on track. Yes, that was a rail way pun.


In order to get this engine rolling, see another rail way pun, Gregory James Aziz had to implement various pillars of business success. Aziz began by casting a powerful vision that grabbed the heartstrings of the company. He harkened back to National Steel Car’s glory days where they were able to dominate the market due to their creativity and their innovation. He told them the reason they began failing in this area was that they did not have a compelling vision before them. He then told them that within five years he wanted National Steel Car to create a rail car that could be dismantled and rebuilt in order to be customized by the customer according to any unique need they had.

Gregory James Aziz then began commencing with the second pillar of business success. Greg Aziz knew he had to train the executive officers and management on how to operate in this new mindset. He did this by conducting one-on-one sessions as well as hosting workshops for the entire organization. This in turn made it so Greg Aziz multiplied himself so that he was not the only leader pushing for this in the company.

National Steel Car not only was able to create a rail car but they did it in less time than Gregory James Aziz told them. They accomplished this feat in just under three years. They had a rail car that could travel further and faster and carry more. Gregory James Aziz then used the third pillar of success to celebrate the victories of these people by publicly acknowledging what they had accomplished. See This Article for additional information.

Gregory James Aziz recently stepped down as chief executive officer of National Steel Car. However, because he successfully train the people who were there, National Steel Car looks like it will operate for 100 or so more years.